12 November 2016

Christmas Shopping Made Simple

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I usually get started around now so I thought I'd share with you how I shop for the little ladies at Christmas. I like to get them the same amount of presents to open, which are similar, yet tailor them to each child's interests and personalities. I also like to get them a variety of things that will be used and not just take up space in the playroom.  I use this simple method and it worked brilliantly last year helping me shop smart with happy little ladies on Christmas morning:

Christmas present buying guide

1. Something to read
The little ladies love books and are always pleased to add new ones to the collection so I make sure there are a few in each pile.

2. Something to cuddle 
We always have something cuddly poking out the top of their stockings and this year I have my eye on the gorgeous Noodoll soft toys.

3. Something to build
It's really nice to have a little project to do on Christmas day or over the Christmas period so I like to include something like Lego or Duplo so the girls have something to build.

4. Something to wear
The little ladies love a party dress so we always get them a dress to wear on Christmas Day, matching if I can. I'm a little bit in love with the Mini Boden Winter Friends Pinnie this year.

5. Something they need
There is always something they need like good old pants and socks, hats, gloves, scarves or PJ's which make lovely gifts. Last year we got them some Frozen Cups with a lid, straw, glitter and snowflakes which they have at bedtime.

6. Something to play imaginatively with
The girls favourite toys are the ones that encourage imaginative play like Playmobil, a doll, play figures or items for their play kitchen and shop. They love to collect things like this and adding to an existing collection means there is usually a space for it when everything gets tidied away after Christmas This year I'm going to introduce them to Sylvanian Families and get them some pots and pans for their kitchen from the Great Little Trading Company.

on the christmas list this year
Top left: Noodoll Rice Carrot Soft Toy,
Top Right: Great Little Trading Company Pink Cookware Set
Bottom Left: Disney Princess Hair Glow Rapunzel
Bottom Right: Mini Boden Winter Friends Pinnie

7. Something to get creative with
The little ladies love making and sticking, they have a free access art area in their playroom which does mean we get through vast amounts of pens, paper and stickers. I'm going to get them some glittery pens and stamps from crayola this year and Tiger and Paperchase have so many lovely notepads and sticker sheets.

8. Something that is a treat
The girls get so excited by novelty chocolate like a big chocolate reindeer or snowman, Miss Tibs recently got very excited when she spotted a giant gingerbread man almost as big as she is in John Lewis.

9. Something to play with
A game or puzzle is a really nice addition to the present pile as it's something we can play together as a family, last year we had Bunny Hop which was a big success.

10. Something to watch 
The little ladies are really into Disney movies in a big way and there are always ones to add to the collection, it's lovely for them to be able to watch their favourites whenever they like and is a great excuse (as if you need one!) to snuggle up on the sofa for some much needed quiet time over the busy Christmas period.

11. Something for the bath
Bath toys are great stocking fillers and something that always need replacing, the girls enjoy having something new and exciting to take in the tub. If you haven't already seen it The Colours of the Sea Ariel doll we recently reviewed can go in the bath!

12. Something they have asked for 
We always write a Christmas list to Santa and the girls can choose one thing each or more if we are stuck for ideas. That way the magic is there but also the lovely surprise as they un-wrap things they weren't expecting making it super exciting especially as Santa seems to know them so well :)

I hope that helps you if you're planning your Christmas shopping. I find it keeps me really focused and stops me spending an absolute fortune too and means that all the gifts are played with, used and appreciated. Let me know if you have any top tips for Christmas shopping in the comments below.

Me x

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