23 April 2020

Brilliant Books with Books2Door

We have a rather extensive collection of books, but in my opinion you can never have enough! All the girls love reading, and being read to; it's something we do every day. We have books for learning, books for bedtime, books to read together and books to curl up independently with for some quiet time.

Books2Door kindly sent the girls some books add to our collection including some timeless story time classics and some brilliant Usborne information books. They have a huge range to choose from, all of which are brilliantly priced for all age groups and reading levels, making the decision quite difficult. I wanted to share our choices with you in case you are in need of some inspiration for your children's next reads.

The Secret Seven Collection

The best books are the ones you can't turn the pages quick enough for, the ones that as I pop my head around the girl's bedroom doors to turn out the light at night mean that they shout, - "just one more page". Enid Blyton's Secret Seven books have really sparked Ellie's (8) imagination in this way ever since she brought the first one home from the School library, so she was delighted to be the proud owner of a full set of well loved tales.

 Despite being first published in 1949 they have a timeless appeal of childhood adventure and are really accessible. The set comes with 16 stories and is priced at just £22.99 meaning each book works out at £1.44 each!

Milly Molly Mandy Collection

Phoebe (6) has just started reading longer books to herself independently and has been really engaged by the Milly Molly Mandy stories. The Books2Door set priced at £13.99 comes with six books working out at £2.33 each, all containing several short stories which are perfect for young readers to read aloud and would make a lovely gift.

 First published in 1928 they are yet another timeless classic which transcends the generations. Phoebe has already decided that she would like to go as Milly Molly Mandy for World Book Day!

Usbourne Lift The Flap Question and Answers, 4 Book Set

All our children are inquisitive, but Lottie (4) likes to ask lots of questions about how and why. I've always been a big fan of Usborne books as I love the way they present information in a bright and interesting way. Lottie really likes the interactive element of the books in this set of being able to lift the flaps to reveal the answers.

This particular set of four books is amazingly priced at £22.99 and includes topics Space, Science, The World and General knowledge. Books2Door have several Usbourne learning book sets which i'll definitely be adding to our collection. I think they are great for home learning and as they are board books they are really designed to last. Before google existed there were often where you looked first to source information and I want my girls to learn this skill, non fiction information books are great way for them to do this.

Ever since I was a little girl books have taken me off to imaginary worlds with carefully crafted words painting pictures and telling stories with each line you read. There is something so magical about reading and it's something I love to share with my children. In such a digital age it's really important to me that the girls know how to 'get lost in a book' and enjoy the feeling of holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. Books2Door have so many favourites from my own childhood but there are lots of new titles too, there really is something for every young reader to encourage a love of reading - and they'll deliver them straight to your door!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post. 
We were kindly gifted the books featured in this post by Books2Door. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own*

25 March 2020

Rainbow Room Edit with GLTC

We absolutely love a rainbow in our house - there is just something so uplifting and magical about them. Great Little Trading Co have recently added a gorgeous rainbow design to their collection so you can add a cheerful splash of colour to your children's play spaces and bedrooms. As part of our testing team role we were kindly sent a few items from the range which have provided a simple and effective update in the girls' rooms. Here are our favourite GLTC rainbow room picks:

Rainbow Rug 

I adore this rainbow rug, it's neutral but with a gentle splash of colour meaning it will compliment so many colour schemes. We've added it to the girls' playroom where the carpet is quite 'well loved' and it has given the room an instant facelift.

The rug is made from 100% wool and super soft to sit, play, read on - or in my children's case lie on and so cosy underfoot - it really is the perfect invitation to come on in and play. If you have hard floors it would be such a great way to add some softness to a room and would also look great in a children's bedroom.

Rainbow Canvas Storage Cubes

The rainbow storage cubes co-ordinate perfectly with the rug. We've popped three into our Abbeville nine cube unit which is great for keeping toys tidy, with our existing sage and green rope baskets and think they look great together.

The canvas cubes are a pale blue with little rainbow and stars motif. They are great for housing all sorts of things, we find them particularly good for look things like Duplo, or farm animals and other things the girls like to collect. The girls can easily lift them up and down and tidy up time is quick and easy at the end of each day.

Rainbow Shelf With Cloud Hooks

GLTC's Rainbow shelf is an adorable way to display some cute little trinkets and treasures. It comes with two little cloud pegs which you could use to hang small bags or an outfit or dressing gown. I think they make a lovely addition to a children's room.

Rainbow Bedding

Going to sleep covered by rainbows and stars seems pretty perfect to me, as does waking up to them. 100% high quality cotton, soft, fresh and bright - this rainbow bedding set ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to childrens bedding. We really love the pale blue background of this bedding as it reminds us of clear sunny skies and the outdoors, it's a really calming colour too with an injection of colour from the rainbow motif.

Rainbow Beanbag Chair

GLTC's Rainbow beanbag chair is perfect for popping in a reading corner and snuggling up with a book or for movie afternoons. I love that it can be moved around to wherever you need it and that the cover is machine washable for when it inevitably becomes a victim of snack time! Practical and pretty and really inviting for children to spend some quiet time on or get comfy while they play.

I hope you like our edit, pop over to Great Little Trading Co to see their full collection.

Me x

20 January 2020

Phoebe is 6

To Phoebe

You are six! That feels so grown up! For your birthday this year you asked me to make you a millionaire shortbread cake... you were very sure of your decision and had every faith that I could make it - both qualities that I adore about you. Whenever you decide something it's always on your terms and you stick with it.

Last summer you decided to start ballet lessons after you heard the ballet school were doing a show which involved wearing a silver sparkly leotard! You danced beautifully in that sparkly leotard and enjoyed it so much that you have continued with your lessons this year. You also have weekly swimming lessons and are so speedy in the water and your confidence is growing with each class. You are desperate to do gymnastics classes so I'm hoping by the time I write your next birthday letter that we have found a group we can fit in as I know you'll be a natural.

You learnt to ride your bike just before Christmas and tackled that with real courage, repeating to yourself 'I can do it' over and over as you peddled off independently into the distance. You have great determination and self belief in just the right quantities and will keep trying until you succeed. You are incredibly keen to learn and so studious - you like to do your homework as soon as it is set and always read more of your reading book than is expected.

You lost two teeth in December - your bottom middle two - resulting in your first visit from your tooth fairy blossom and are fascinated by the whole process of a tooth getting wobbly, coming out and a new one growing in it's place and of course the 'gold coin' reward for a shiny white tooth! If you're not a jeweller, a banker or a geologist when you're older I'll be amazed. You are still so drawn to sparkly, glittery things and asked Father Christmas this year for 'lots of gems' and were over the moon when he brought a gem excavation kit!

You have a lovely groups of friends who came for a unicorn afternoon tea the weekend before your birthday, they all wrote in your card what a wonderful friend you are which was so lovely to read. You are a kind and caring girl and will always stand up for others which is really important. My favourite thing at the moment is how much you tell me that you love me. You will just walk into the room, look at me and say 'I love you mummy so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!' You write little notes and leave them on our pillows, you laid out every Lego star wars character we have on daddy's bedside table recently to find when he got home from bed because you know he loves star wars.

You're always keen to help me with jobs around the house and have recently started showing more of an interest in cooking. You've learnt to peel and chop vegetables, grate cheese and are intrigued by flavours and how all the different ingredients come together to make a dish and I'm really enjoying teaching you.

You've overcome your fear of dogs this year too with the arrival of our puppy Tiffin in the summer. When we first went to see him when he was just a few weeks old you were scared to hold him and were cautious when we first brought him home. It's been great to watch your confidence around him grow and how wonderful you are with him. You're often the first to go down in the morning and say good morning to him, he sits at your command and you're always taking stolen toys off him and grooming him. We're so proud of you for that.

It's been quite a year and can't wait to watch you grow even more this year my darling and love you to the moon, round all the stars, one hundred times around the world and back again.

Mummy x

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2 December 2019

Ellie is 8

Dear Ellie

And just like that you're eight! It's been a busy year for you with some changes as you've moved into year three and key stage three at school. You've started wearing glasses this year for board work at school and watching TV and chose a really cute pink pair that really suit you, they do however make you look ever so grown up which I'm not sure I'm ready for!

True to form you're getting involved in lots of different activities, trying new things and really enjoying all your extra curricular clubs. You've started playing the fife this year in preparation for a flute and I can tell that this brings you a huge sense of achievement. The arts are definitely your thing and something you are naturally good at and enjoy. You're doing amazingly well with your ballet and have moved up to Grade 2 and have auditioned for extra classes as a Cecchetti Associate in London - something you are so keen to pursue. 

I love that you take every opportunity that is presented to you with such enthusiasm - one of these being singing at Young Voices 2020 in January. Even though things scare you sometimes you dig deep and find some courage surprising me sometimes. This summer you had a go at indoor rock climbing with daddy and it was amazing to watch you climb a little higher and then a little higher each time. You do love an adventure, particularly when it comes to holidays and were thrilled that we stayed in a beach hut in August and even had a very chilly early morning dip in the sea each day! You're off on your first school residential next year and although you're apprehensive, with a likely little wobble just before, I know you'll take it all in your stride because of how you've approached life so far.

You are incredibly sensitive and caring and love animals. You asked to sponsor an endangered animal  for Christmas this year which was such a thoughtful request and are looking forward to your newsletters arriving in the post. You love to read, and be read to - we're covering some great authors together which is really special - David Walliams, JK Rowling and Enid Blyton to name a few. You still love Harry Potter, along with narwhals and llamas!

We moved you back into what was your nursery this year after sharing with Phoebe for a few years. You have definitely inherited my need for space and time on your own every now and then so we created a lovely grown up room for you with a high sleeper, with a reading corner and desk underneath where you really enjoy taking yourself off to. This change has also meant that you've been able to stay up a little later than your sisters on occasion and I've loved sitting watching Strictly Come Dancing and the Greatest Dancer with you on Saturday evenings - you're such great company and I treasure that time with you. 

You have a great imagination and still play often which I'm so delighted about in a time where childhood as I remember it appears to be getting shorter. You come up with great creative ideas and will make things like tickets and posters for our movie nights and you draw whenever you get chance.

The icing on the cake this year if I were to ask you, would have to be the addition of our little border terrier puppy Tiffin! With you all being a bit older were finally in a position to add a dog to the family and it was wonderful when we took you to see the litter to choose one. Tiffin sat on your knee for ages the first time we went and then the second time we went to visit he came straight over to you. Daddy says it's like he knew he was meant to be yours. He's bringing the whole family so much joy so thank you for being so persistent - we're all really glad you were!

I want you to know how proud I am of you every single day just for being you, of your kindness and your patience with your sisters (it's not always easy being the eldest, I know) and that I love you so much. 

Happy birthday my love. 

Mummy x

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27 November 2019

Countdown to Christmas with GLTC

The countdown to Christmas is such an exciting time but it can feel like a long wait until Christmas day if you're a child. Something our children look forward to each year is opening their advent calendar, which as well as providing a little treat each day helps them count down the sleeps until Christmas morning.

Great Little Trading Co Wooden Advent Calendar

This year we have been very kindly sent a beautiful Wooden Advent Calendar by Great Little Trading Co to test as part of our testing team role and we love it for several reasons:
  1. It's incredibly well made and doubles up as a decoration too. The girls love the cute little characters on top!
  2. It's plastic free and reusable making it a sustainable option as we can keep it forever. I love creating Christmas traditions for the girls and really like the idea of using the calendar year upon year and it becoming something they'll remember when they are older. 
  3. You can fill it with whatever you like! The girls love chocolate coins so I'll be filling ours with those, but you could also put in stickers or little Christmas notes with festive activities on. GLTC have a brilliant set of printable ideas over on their blog which you can download HERE
  4. There are 24 easy to open doors and behind each door there is a hidden message telling you how many sleeps there are until Christmas.
  5. It's well sized with a small footprint, but with enough space behind each door for me to include three little treats meaning the girls can share it. 
Great Little Trading Co Wooden Advent Calendar

I can't wait to fill it up this year and every year after and I know the girls will love opening it each morning. You can find this calendar and a whole host of gorgeous Christmas decorations and gift ideas over on the Great Little Trading Company website.

Me x

*This is a collaborative post.
We were kindly gifted the calendar as part of our GLTC Testing Team role*