24 November 2015

Goodbye autumn

It's got so chilly this week, we have started to hibernate a little bit (without the sleeping!) I feel it's sadly time to say goodbye to Autumn for another year, I've probably clung onto you longer than is accurate. It's our favourite seasons for so many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

10 reasons we love autumn in our household

1. Hot chocolate - wet rainy afternoons, snuggled up with a film, some pop corn and a hot chocolate are a firm favourite

2. The return of Roast dinners after a summer break are tastier than ever

3. Puddle jumping, we pop on our puddle suits and wellies and off we go, so much fun

4. The colourful leaves, so beautiful to look at, play in and great for learning and identifying colours and collecting and making art work with

5. Conkers, so pleasing to find and collect, this year we decorated our haul with glitter glue and sequins

6. Picking Blackberries and the crumbles and custard that follow

7. Woolly jumpers and welly boots, I love the thought of this more than actually getting 3 children dressed for the great outdoors. There's nothing nicer than being all cosy and out in the fresh autumn air.

8. Halloween, the girls love decorating the house, doing Halloween crafts and dressing up to greet the trick or treaters. This year we glittered our pumpkin!

9. Bonfire night, miss Boo loved the fireworks this year. Miss Tibs wasn't so and the baby slept through the lot.

10. Dark, cosy nights, a fire on, pjs and a glass of something tasty, yes please.

We look forward to enjoying you next year autumn, now it's time to enjoy winter and all that it brings with it including two of the little ladies birthdays,  Christmas and maybe even snow! 
Me x

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