6 December 2015

Slow down baby...

Miss Dot is 14 weeks old today. She's changing daily. I really wish there was a pause button sometimes. As tiring as they are, I love the baby days, but the trouble is they go so, so quickly. 

Looking at Miss Dot this morning and after putting away another sleep suit that she's grown out of, these are the things I love about the baby days and want to remember forever. These things that suddenly disappear overnight:

1. When they fall asleep on you so peaceful and content. But also how they sleep with their little hands above their heads, when do they stop doing that? It's beautiful.

2. The bald patch on the back of their head, she looks like a little monk but I love it. Her soft peachy hair is on her crib sheet each morning. 

3. The "nappy advert" giggles that make me stop in my tracks and do whatever it was that made it happen over and over again. 

4. The way their stare up at you when they are feeding like you are their entire world. 

5. The smell of their heads - it's divine! I want to bottle this smell. Anyone who has ever smelt a baby (at the head end) knows this. 

6. Tiny fingers, tiny toes and chubby cheeks. A whole hand to grip just one of my fingers. The feet she'll take her first steps with in months to come. My goodness those cheeks are so kissable. 

7. Baby grows - white ones, freshly laundered. One of my favourite things ever.

8. The cuddles, I'm taking every opportunity to cuddle her, if she's anything like her sisters I'll be given plenty of cuddles but they'll be fleeting before she jumps off my knee to run off and do something far more fun. 

9. Cooing, that beautiful pre-speech, I could listen all day to her playing with sounds and gurgling.

10. The smiles that make every long night and tough day worth every second a million times over.

This morning she's so alert and holding her head brilliantly, she's just found her hands and started reaching out for things and grasping toys, she chats to her sisters and loves playing on her play mat. 

She's interacting with the world around her more and more each day, it's lovely to watch her grow and develop and just as amazing third time round. I know there's more amazing things to come too... crawling, first steps, the first times she says mama, but this morning just want her to slow down.

Stay my baby just a little while longer Miss Dot, I'm not quite ready to let these days go just yet.

Me x

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