4 December 2015

The importance of mummy friends

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When I was pregnant with Ellie I never thought I would need mummy friends. The thought of going to groups and chatting to people I barely know about the contents of nappies and other things baby really didn't appeal.

I was so wrong about the mummy friends... Whenever I see a list online with essential items for a new baby I think it really ought to say 'mummy friends' on. They know. They know how you are feeling after getting up multiple times in the night, they know that intense love and worry you have for your child, they know how amazing it is when your baby smiles or giggles or rolls over or has gained weight after a feeding marathon. They provide hugs and coffee and CAKE. ( another item that needs to go on that essential baby items list) After the arrival of Lottie one of these lovely ladies sent cake through the post to keep me going in those early weeks for a few weeks - I know amazing right... through the post! Another friend organised a manicure for me when I needed a pick me up after having Phoebe and had hit the 6 week wall of exhaustion. They fill up your weekly diary with play dates and trips to the park, walks with the pram and  excursions to farms. Before you know it you are spending hours a week with people you have only been lucky enough to meet because you had babies at the same time.

They celebrate the milestones with you and laugh with you, they pass you a tissue and give you a hug when it all gets a bit much and do not judge. They don't mind that you smell of sick or have toothpaste on your jeans (or quite frankly worse) They love your children, they watch one while you take another to the toilet or deal with a poo exploding nappy, they share their snacks, baby wipes and spare clothes when you forget to pack them. They share tips on everything from baby gadgets to weaning. Your children become the best of friends and before you know it you feel like you have known each other forever. 

They become your village, your rocks, your fellow musketeers as you battle the unknown, the exhaustion, the tantrums and beyond. You share so much in such a short space of time and become such an important part of motherhood, providing a much needed support network and friendship built on shared experience.

They get it, every single second of it, and all without judgement. I am so grateful for the amazing, honest and inspiring women I am lucky enough to call my mummy friends - thank you to each and every one of you, you know who you are ;) 

Me x

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