12 May 2016

Wishes for my little ladies

The little ladies change daily, and as they do, I often think about how I'm parenting them and what the end goal is. It's really important to me that these tiny humans grow up to be good humans and I do feel quite a responsibility in helping shape them to an extent. Here are a few of my wishes for our girls:

- I want to protect them but give them the wings and the confidence to fly. 
- I want them to love and respect their bodies and know that being beautiful inside is far more important than on the outside. 
- I want them to be strong, have opinions and hold their own
- I want them to be comfortable in their own skin, to love being them. 
- I want them to believe they can do anything if they put their minds to it, to be determined and brave.
- I want to nurture and love them in a way that it becomes innate in them to nurture and love others.
- I want them to be kind and thoughtful and respect and accept others
- I want them to have fun and do the things they love and have an interest in 
- I want them to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life
- I want them to understand about working hard and the value of money and teach them to be careful with it. 
- I want them to know that whilst money is important to live, it's not the be all and end all and is not what makes you happy.
- I want them to work to live rather than  live to work 
- I want them all to leave home knowing how to cook and operate a washing machine
- I want them to always celebrate their birthdays, those 3 very special days where they first came into the world.
- I want them to know that daddy and I are always there for them and love them unconditionally, no matter what.
- I want them to always be there for each other and create an unbreakable sisterhood for them
- most of all I want them to just be them and to be happy 

Me x

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