30 December 2015

Our year in review

When I think back over the last 12 months so much has happened. There have been some pretty major changes and a lot of adapting to do for all of us. Last December my Mr made the huge decision to leave a job which he had poured his heart and soul into but for one reason or another (out of his control) didn't work out. The timing wasn't brilliant with Christmas approaching but being happy is in our opinion the most valuable possession you can have. He swiftly started a new freelancing job which meant that after 3 years of working from home and mostly being there for breakfast and tea time he would now be leaving the house by 7am and home long after the little ladies were tucked up in bed 4-5 days at week, sometimes more with lots of working weekends due to the nature of his work. While the change was daunting it was refreshing and the stress swiftly left our home. I am immensely proud of him, it takes courage to make a big change like this when you are responsible for supporting a family but it needed to happen, it was so worth it and we are all so much happier.  I was already at home full time with the girls so I took care of them and everything else. We are a team and it works for us.  Work should be fulfilling and rewarding and when it takes up so much of your life you have to love what you do, whatever it is and be appreciated and valued. It taught us to always face problems head on and walk hand in hand through them.

At the end of December, just before Christmas, we found out we were expecting Miss Dot right before we were due to go out on our first night out together in months with friends. My plans of drunken merriment went out the window and we began to wonder what life with 3 under 4 might look like. I was excited but scared and worried about being pregnant with two small children as I had terrible morning sickness with Miss Tibs and Miss Dot. I was grateful that I would have 8 months of 2016 to get used to the idea and other than feeling pretty tired there was no sickness!
January brought with it Miss Tib's first birthday, we spent the day at centre parcs with great friends swimming and eating cake, it was wonderful. February gave us time to settle in to our new routine and share some much needed family time together whenever we could, we had a lovely visit to the sea life centre which captivated the girls. 

In March we welcomed a new niece into the family and in April we celebrated mine and the Mr's birthdays. I'll always remember that birthday as Miss Boo wrote her name in my birthday card for the first time. May we added to our family in the fluffy form of our rabbit Pedro, he's a lovely little fellow and the girls have enjoyed having him just as much as we hoped they would. 

We also enjoyed an overnight stay to Lego Land in Windsor, the girls loved it. In June we spent a whole week together which was just blissful, glamping in Suffolk. 

The summer saw a pregnancy announcement from my little sister, (yay!) several beautiful weddings which were wonderful to attend along with our 5th wedding anniversary in July. 

On August 23rd our amazing little Miss Dot arrived on the night after the hottest day of the summer (labouring in 28 degrees was a bit of a surprise after 2 winter babies!) and there we were, suddenly a family of five. 

September - December have been a wee bit of a blur as we found our new normal with another member of the family but it's all settled down for the most part now and I can't remember not having 3 children. It's amazing, exhausting, logistically challenging sometimes and surpassed all my expectations. Sometimes I feel there is not enough of me to go round but there is more love than I could ever have anticipated and I wouldn't change the chaos for the world.

Miss Boo turned 4 in December and my little, little sister got engaged - eek!  This year has disappeared in the blink of an eye, it's absolutely whizzed by in fact. There have been big changes, but all for the better. As a couple and as a family we are strong and united and surrounded by the most awesome people and that is key to all that we are.

I can't wait to see what next year brings, I'm looking forward to all the fun the little ladies will inevitably bring and the celebrations and moments we'll share with our families. Miss Tibs will turn 2, our new niece or nephew will arrive, Miss Dot will turn 1 (that seems crazy right now as I cradle her in my arms as I type) Miss Boo will start school, my lovely mum will turn 60 and we have a wedding to plan. Bring it on. We're ready for you 2016 but take your time, we want to enjoy every day that you bring :)

Wishing you all a happy new year

Me x

28 December 2015

Adventures with Stick Man

After a week of illness, and far too much excitement with nativities, numerous Christmas parties and the anticipation of Christmas itself the little ladies just needed some fresh air and to let off some steam, so we made the most of the pre Christmas mild weather and went on the Forestry Commission Stick Man Trail. What better way than to go on adventure searching for one of their favourite storybook characters. If you don't own a copy of Stick Man you NEED it in your book collection, a fabulous tale about a stick who goes on a journey told in Julia Donaldson's wonderful lyrical rhyming signature style. It's a particularly great read at this time of year because Santa makes an appearance at the end - hope that doesn't spoil it for you...

So wellies, waterproofs and too many layers later we picked up an activity pack for £3 and off we went. The children loved running along the woodland paths and spotting the signs and answering the questions. 

It's a lovely way to start conversations about nature and for them to perhaps learn something new but also exciting as they spot characters from the book amongst the trees.

The activity pack also includes pages for bark rubbing, and colouring sheets and pipe cleaners to make your own stick man. You could easily do the trail without the activity pack but it certainly helped hold the children's interest. 

We finished the trail with a play in the outdoor play area and then a nice hot lunch in the cafe where the children were presented with a sticker and certificate for completing the trail which was a lovely touch, the little ladies love stickers so this went down well. When we got home Miss Boo insisted we read the story and was even more engrossed that usual.

You can find your local stick man trail here: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/stickman

A televised version Stick Man was on BBC 1 on Christmas Day which the girls particularly enjoyed having done the trail, if you haven't seen it, you can watch it on iPlayer here, perhaps a nice thing to do when you get home to warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate :)

Me x

24 December 2015

T'was the night before Christmas

Nothing was stirring... Not even a mouse...

Unless you are in my house or any house containing small children for that matter...

Overexcited, chocolate fuelled, chaos... But totally and utterly amazing and what it's all about. 

We have read a Christmas bedtimes stories, donned Christmas pjs, hung the stockings and left out snacks for Santa and his reindeer which Miss Tibs has eaten most of (apologies Santa) and the girls are in their beds.

As I sit here listening to them singing 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney' from their beds while I feed the baby (I hope he doesn't get stuck) I am thinking to myself, Will they actually go to sleep? How many times will they wake up asking if he's been? What time will they get up? But above all, how lucky we are to have our 3 little ladies. I can't wait to see their little faces in the morning. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with magic, love and laughter.

Me x

19 December 2015

What the bloody hell was I thinking?

Does anyone else have these moments? When you do something with your little people and the thought 'what the bloody hell was I thinking' swiftly enters your head? I blame Pinterest for many of these moments....Today we most definitely had one of them. 

Why on earth did I think painting with 3 small children and a shit load of glitter and glue on my own was a good idea?!!  Because it was 3pm and we'd exhausted every other activity, with 4 hours to go before bedtime I thought it would kill some time. 

Inner monologue: It will be a nice thing for them to do together, they could make some Christmas pictures. Yep. Great. They'll enjoy that.

Just setting up was stressful as Miss Tibs started to squeeze the paint all over the table missing the vessel it was intended for and throwing a tantrum because she couldn't get the lid off the glitter. I don't mind a bit of mess but...

Silent Monologue: Damn you Pinterest... 

I'm only joking...Pinterest does have many merits despite it's flaw of making everything look perfectly easy and I love it. If you paint with your little people I highly recommend putting your paint in an empty egg carton, something I discovered during a recent pinning session ;) it is a great palette and it makes the clean up far less painful. The lid can then be used as a colour mixing tray.

Silent monologue: It will be alright once it's set up and they're happy getting stuck in... I might even have a cup of tea.

It wasn't long before I remembered that Miss Boo and Miss Tibs are not really compatible painting buddies. Miss Boo is precise and delicate and likes to take her time, Miss Tibs is like a bull in a china shop... with a paintbrush. She can't make pictures fast enough, before we know it 5 pieces of paper are covered in paint, glue and glitter and so is she. We'll let her off... She's not even 2. Meanwhile Miss Boo is painting the Christmas tree she asked me to draw her beautifully... Within moments of her proudly finishing her creation Miss Tibs helpfully adds an orange splodge to the picture... Cue mini meltdown from Miss Boo... 

Inner monologue: Oh bollocks. Right time to distract... Let's do some handprints for daddy! We might as well now we have all this out. 

Error. I should not have thought out loud. They are painting their hands before there is any paper on the table which I throw in front if them just in time with the baby under my other arm. They love it, result. I take the opportunity to make a picture of all three of their hands - pinterest eat your heart out!

Inner monologue: Well that went well...While they're happy I'll do some footprints with Miss Dot as a keepsake for her baby book. Hooray, baby footprints beautifully printed! I'll put the kettle on for that cuppa.

Whilst my back was turned Miss Tibs and Miss Boo had removed their socks and started painting their feet and were 'creatively' stamping them on the bench they were meant to be sitting on. The baby was crying because I had to put her down to sort the others out and she wasn't a massive fan of having her feet painted. One child under each arm the only thing for it was a bath (at 4pm) there was glitter and paint literally from head to toe. They of course thought all this was a marvellous adventure... 


30 mins later and they are clean and in their pjs, the bath and bathroom resembles a snow globe, it was tea time, (I hadn't started tea) and the kitchen table looked like this: 

Once I'd cleaned it (which took more time than the actual activity) I then started to heat up tea which was spaghetti bolognese... Brilliant, I'd just dressed them in white pjs. 

Inner monologue: Never mind, it's all good, they had fun and I have some rather beautiful hand and footprints to pin on Pinterest and share on Instagram ;) 

(Ignores the glitter on every surface in the house - which was deep cleaned entirely yesterday) 

Me x 

18 December 2015

Little pieces of my heart

Image from Pinterest
"Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" Elizabeth Stone

Yes. This. Exactly this. I have chosen to allow 3 little pieces of my heart to walk around outside my body, which is totally amazing but quite frankly sometimes it's scary. 

I know this will have been written many times before; but I never knew it was possible to love someone (3 someone's) so much. It's heartburstingly overwhelming how much I love our little ladies. 

They are so intricately part of me. When they fall and hurt themselves my heart skips a beat, when they are sad my heart aches for them, when they are disappointed my heart fills with disappointment too. When they are happy my heart beams. When they laugh my whole heart fills with the sound of it.

As they walk around outside my body with their brave, innocent little hearts and explore the world my heart is in my mouth, yet bursts with pride and excitement at the same time. 

I like to think that if they are pieces of my heart then our hearts all beat together in unison wherever we are in one rhythmic motion. When we are all together I feel totally and utterly complete and I hope they do too. 

Me x

13 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas has officially landed in our household.  We went to choose our Christmas tree this week, one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. Where possible I like to support local businesses so we went to a lovely family run farm in a nearby village. There was a wonderful selection of trees and the girls really enjoyed weaving in and out of them while we picked 'the one'.

Inside, the barn was decorated with twinkly lights and Christmas decorations making it feel really magical and special.

The girls each chose a new decoration for the tree (Miss Boo would have loved to have brought Rudolph home...) which the lady parcelled up for them individually to carry. Before heading home the girls had a play on the toy tractors in the barn which we thought was such a lovely touch.

There's not a pine needle in sight in our car as the lovely people delivered it to our door for us - this was lucky as I'm not sure where we would have put it, it's a bit of a squeeze at the best of times with all 5 of us in the car :) 

We (royal we!) put it in it's stand and put on the lights while Miss Tibs had a nap and then when she woke up we put some Christmas music on and everyone got involved. I love our Christmas Tree, it's a family activity that I hope we'll all do together for years to come. The warm glow of the lights on a cold, dark winter night are so comforting and cheery. All the decorations have been collected over the years and are really special to us. We have a couple for loved ones who are no longer with us so we can remember them even more at this time of year. The Christmas Tree symbolises the thing I love about Christmas most - family. Miss Boo said at bedtime "I love our Christmas Tree, it reminds me of (slight hesitation) Christmas."

I agree Miss Boo...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

Me x

10 December 2015

Making Christmas magical

Christmas as a child for me was magical. I've rediscovered the magic since having the girls. I can't wait for this Christmas, At 4 Miss Boo totally gets it and is so excited already. Miss Tibs who is almost 2 will feed off her big sister's excitement and it will be wonderful seeing her absorb it all properly for the first time. Miss Dot won't have a clue what's going on but will enjoy the twinkly lights. I'm really enjoying creating our own little Christmas traditions which make that build up exciting. Here's how we make Christmas magical in our household:

1. Chocolate Advent calendars
 Who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast? This year the girls have snowman and the snow dog calendars which they chose themselves. We have also treated them to a playmobil calendar to share. 

2. Christmas books at bedtime.
We put all the Christmas books in the loft after the festivities and then bring them down on the 1st December. The girls were so excited to read them and i'm sure they will be chosen frequently for bedtime reads over the next few weeks.

3.Christmas Light switch on and Santa's Sleigh Visit
Our town holds a lovely Christmas market on the first weekend of December and the Christmas lights are switched on. It really feels like a announcement that Christmas is coming and the girls love the excitement and bustle, there is so much to see.

We are also really lucky that our local rotary club drive a sleigh down all the streets in the town and surrounding villages in the weeks before Christmas. The children cannot believe their eyes when they see the big man himself driving down the road. The sleigh is all lit up and blasts out Christmas tunes, if he wasn't Santa he'd be issued with an ASBO. Last year the girls were in their pyjamas already so we wrapped them in blankets on the doorstep. Simply magical.

4. Choosing our Christmas tree
We all go and choose and decorate our tree together as a family about 2 weeks before Christmas. I love a real tree, it smells amazing. We will be opting for a non drop one this year as I am sure it's going to be much loved... When talking to Miss Tibs about Christmas trees she said "like mog" it seems her only point of reference is the Sainsbury's Christmas advert, if you haven't seen it Mog the cat manages to blow the lights and ensure every needle falls off the tree... I'll update you on how it goes!

5. The kindness elves 
Two little elves will be coming to stay with us in the 12 days leading up to Christmas and teaching the girls about kindness and doing kind and fun things for them too. This is a concept magicked up by Anna at The Imagination Tree, pop on over to her blog to find out more or she has a dedicated Facebook Community Page too with lots of ideas. I started this last year when Miss Boo was 3 and she loved it, rushing downstairs to see what the elves had done overnight.

6. Listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies 
I don't know about you but as soon as I hear Christmas songs on the radio I really start to feel Christmassy, we had lots of fun dancing in the kitchen this morning to Shaking Stevens. I can't wait to snuggle up and watch some Christmas movies this year, I have my eye on 'The Polar Express", although the girls will probably go for "The Snowman" and "The Snowman and the Snow dog" on repeat.

7. Christmas crafts
We love making and creating in this house and Christmas provides so many opportunities to get creative. This year we'll be making some cards, tree decorations and gingerbread biscuits. I'm sure this will involve lots of glitter... Hopefully not in the biscuits.

8. A visit to Santa 
I love taking the girls to see Santa, it really cements the magic and gets their imaginations going. We try to go somewhere different each year so it's a new and exciting experience.

9. A Christmas Eve Box
This is a tradition we started last year. When our kindness elves went home on Christmas Eve they left behind a Christmas box with a Christmas book, some new matching pyjamas and hot chocolate. It was a wonderful surprise for the girls and something i'm looking forward to recreating every year.

10. Santa's plate
As a child I always remember the last thing we did before bed on Christmas Eve was to lay out a plate for Santa with sherry, a carrot and a mince pie. What was even more magical was seeing it all nibbled and drank the next morning. I bought the girls a hand painted Santa plate from Made by Emma with a spot for all the bits and bobs on especially for this purpose, it's fab and I can't wait to put it by the fireplace with them on Christmas Eve.

I hope all these things will make Christmas magical for my 3 little ladies this year and in years to come and they'll remember them when they are older.

Ok now i've written that i'm feeling very festive indeed... Pass the mince pies :)

Me x

7 December 2015

Conquering washing mountain

This is today's dirty washing pile, an accurate representation of the amount of clothing 3 little ladies get through during a normal day.

My poor washing machine must wince when it sees me coming. I work it hard. At least 3 loads of laundry a day. We also use cloth nappies so it must be particularly thrilled when I fill it with a pile of dirty nappies with an extra rinse cycle. 

This is today's clean clothes pile, waiting patiently to be put away on my bedroom floor. A washing mountain that is very daunting... A fabric equivalent of Everest, well perhaps that's dramatic... Mont Blanc? Ok Snowden ;) the fact is I rarely conquer it. 

It doesn't always make it to the drawers and cupboards, we just get dressed straight from the pile sometimes then it's back in the washing machine. We are now users of enormous boxes of washing powder, giant bottles fabric softener and TONNES of stain remover.

The wash bins are rarely empty. In fact I think I've managed this once in the last 3 months. Perhaps I need to put something at the bottom of them as an incentive, a bottle of wine maybe? 

Right time to go... There is washing to do...
Eat, sleep (sort of), wash, repeat...

Image from Pinterest

Me x

6 December 2015

Slow down baby...

Miss Dot is 14 weeks old today. She's changing daily. I really wish there was a pause button sometimes. As tiring as they are, I love the baby days, but the trouble is they go so, so quickly. 

Looking at Miss Dot this morning and after putting away another sleep suit that she's grown out of, these are the things I love about the baby days and want to remember forever. These things that suddenly disappear overnight:

1. When they fall asleep on you so peaceful and content. But also how they sleep with their little hands above their heads, when do they stop doing that? It's beautiful.

2. The bald patch on the back of their head, she looks like a little monk but I love it. Her soft peachy hair is on her crib sheet each morning. 

3. The "nappy advert" giggles that make me stop in my tracks and do whatever it was that made it happen over and over again. 

4. The way their stare up at you when they are feeding like you are their entire world. 

5. The smell of their heads - it's divine! I want to bottle this smell. Anyone who has ever smelt a baby (at the head end) knows this. 

6. Tiny fingers, tiny toes and chubby cheeks. A whole hand to grip just one of my fingers. The feet she'll take her first steps with in months to come. My goodness those cheeks are so kissable. 

7. Baby grows - white ones, freshly laundered. One of my favourite things ever.

8. The cuddles, I'm taking every opportunity to cuddle her, if she's anything like her sisters I'll be given plenty of cuddles but they'll be fleeting before she jumps off my knee to run off and do something far more fun. 

9. Cooing, that beautiful pre-speech, I could listen all day to her playing with sounds and gurgling.

10. The smiles that make every long night and tough day worth every second a million times over.

This morning she's so alert and holding her head brilliantly, she's just found her hands and started reaching out for things and grasping toys, she chats to her sisters and loves playing on her play mat. 

She's interacting with the world around her more and more each day, it's lovely to watch her grow and develop and just as amazing third time round. I know there's more amazing things to come too... crawling, first steps, the first times she says mama, but this morning just want her to slow down.

Stay my baby just a little while longer Miss Dot, I'm not quite ready to let these days go just yet.

Me x

4 December 2015

The importance of mummy friends

Image from Pinterest
When I was pregnant with Ellie I never thought I would need mummy friends. The thought of going to groups and chatting to people I barely know about the contents of nappies and other things baby really didn't appeal.

I was so wrong about the mummy friends... Whenever I see a list online with essential items for a new baby I think it really ought to say 'mummy friends' on. They know. They know how you are feeling after getting up multiple times in the night, they know that intense love and worry you have for your child, they know how amazing it is when your baby smiles or giggles or rolls over or has gained weight after a feeding marathon. They provide hugs and coffee and CAKE. ( another item that needs to go on that essential baby items list) After the arrival of Lottie one of these lovely ladies sent cake through the post to keep me going in those early weeks for a few weeks - I know amazing right... through the post! Another friend organised a manicure for me when I needed a pick me up after having Phoebe and had hit the 6 week wall of exhaustion. They fill up your weekly diary with play dates and trips to the park, walks with the pram and  excursions to farms. Before you know it you are spending hours a week with people you have only been lucky enough to meet because you had babies at the same time.

They celebrate the milestones with you and laugh with you, they pass you a tissue and give you a hug when it all gets a bit much and do not judge. They don't mind that you smell of sick or have toothpaste on your jeans (or quite frankly worse) They love your children, they watch one while you take another to the toilet or deal with a poo exploding nappy, they share their snacks, baby wipes and spare clothes when you forget to pack them. They share tips on everything from baby gadgets to weaning. Your children become the best of friends and before you know it you feel like you have known each other forever. 

They become your village, your rocks, your fellow musketeers as you battle the unknown, the exhaustion, the tantrums and beyond. You share so much in such a short space of time and become such an important part of motherhood, providing a much needed support network and friendship built on shared experience.

They get it, every single second of it, and all without judgement. I am so grateful for the amazing, honest and inspiring women I am lucky enough to call my mummy friends - thank you to each and every one of you, you know who you are ;) 

Me x

2 December 2015

Ellie is four!

It's your 4th birthday today Ellie. I wanted to write to you even though you can't yet read to tell you some of the things that have made me burst with pride and love for you this year and note down the things that have made you into the lovely little 4 year old you are about to become.

You are so kind; remember kindness is what makes you beautiful inside and out. I see how you help your little sisters with things and kiss them on the top of their heads. I see how you run to get them their comforters when they are hurt or sad. I see how you share your special things with them and others and I see you leading them by the hand to show them the world as you know it. It's lovely, beautiful to watch and I'm so proud. 

You are wonderful big sister to not one but two little sisters! You've dealt with their arrivals so well and relished your role. I will never forget what you said to me when you first met Lottie this summer... "Thank you so much for her mummy, I love her". They love you Ellie and look up to you so much. I know sometimes it's annoying that they follow you everywhere and want your things but know that it's because you're wonderful. 

You are great fun. You giggle insanely at silly things, you dance in the kitchen and in the car when the radio is on, you take delight in making up games with your sisters and winding me up with daddy. You have a brilliant imagination, I love overhearing the conversations you have with your toys and the things you draw for us. 

You're great company. You ask me so many questions that I don't always have the answer too. I love that you told me to 'google it' when I didn't know the answer to your question last week. You chat and you empathise and you cuddle me when you can tell I need one.

You love Ballet dancing, playing with your friends, colouring and creating, being outdoors, baking, disney films and exploring new places. You love books, I often hear you 'reading' to yourself in the morning when you wake up early and you adore snuggling up with a good book with daddy and I. You love cinema trips and swimming and letting off steam at soft play. You love having your toe nails painted and dressing up and your favourite colour is still purple :)

You're becoming more independent and feisty. You know what you like and what you want and how to express this. At the same time you are sensible and considered and like things to be just so. There are times when you have been a "threenager" including your new found love of the girlband 'little mix' (where you can recite the lyrics to 'black magic' by heart) but I love this bit of you too as you're discovering who you are. 

4... What will the next year hold for you? Well, it's your last year at home with me before you go to school. I'm going to cherish it, make sure we have more fun than ever, laugh til we cry and cuddle you so much. It definitely feels like you're a little girl, a wonderful little girl and I love you so much. 

Happy birthday my sweet boo

Love mummy x

1 December 2015

You've got your hands full...

As a mummy to three children under the age of four people tell me daily that I have my hands full. Yesterday in the supermarket when I had all three little ladies seven different people said this as they passed us, as we queued at the till and when I was getting everyone back in the car. I had just 'popped' in to get some wrapping paper - in fact scrap that there is no 'popping' anywhere at the moment and this particular expedition took 40 minutes all in all.

The amount of stuff we leave the house with is epic - a car seat, a double buggy, sling, coats, wellies, scooters, sometimes a potty and my nappy bag resembles something Mary Poppins would be proud of. Oh and then there's the 3 children and all that they bring with them, snuggly bunnies, cloths and a random toy or two grabbed from the playroom on the way out the door. 

Three children under four is no mean feat. Yes, I do have my hands full... But we manage (I think), most of the time, there are also days where I feel like I absolutely am not managing and want to cry in a corner.

I always manage the basics - to get us all up (well they do that - often far too early!) dressed, fed and clean and out the house each day (although that does take quite a great deal of time and preparation and logistics can be tricky.) 

We always manage to do something lovely every day like go to see friends, go to a group, go to the park, do some arts and crafts, go for a treat in a cafe or just a walk in the fresh air. Sometimes having all three so close in age is an advantage, they play together with the same toys, like the same tv shows and books and enjoy the same play groups which makes things easier.

My strategy is to keep things simple, including my expectations of the girls and myself. As long as we are all somewhere on the happy scale at some point in the day then it's been a good one.  I have had to lower my standards in terms of housework and time keeping and I tend to only go to places and see people where I know it will be ok if someone, or all of us, have a 'moment'. We have a good but relaxed daily routine, that way we all know where we are and there is some order amongst the chaos. I think it's like anything, when you do it daily you find a rhythm.

I've taken the pressure off myself to be anything other than the girls' mummy at the moment, they come first, everything else can wait. At the moment this works. I've been at home full time for 4 years now so a lot of it is done without having to be thought about.

Most days are brilliant, we are a good team and I have to pinch myself that I get to be a mummy to these three little ladies. I love it and take the rough with the smooth. 

Other days are about getting through the day amidst tantrums, illness, teething, rubbish naps and bad moods punctuated with snacks, naps and meals while I count the minutes until bedtime.

This is where my support network comes in and I call in back up in the form of daddy, grandparents, sisters and friends who I wouldn't be without. Failing that, I give myself a bit of a talking to, have a cup of tea, remind myself how lucky I am and get on with it.

It is hard at times, but also incredibly rewarding and fun, in fact i've never laughed or cried so much. I do my best and know that it's so, so worth it.

The last thing people usually say at the end of these conversations is "three girls, how lovely" and do you know what, it really is, and they really are.

Me x

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