2 December 2015

Ellie is four!

It's your 4th birthday today Ellie. I wanted to write to you even though you can't yet read to tell you some of the things that have made me burst with pride and love for you this year and note down the things that have made you into the lovely little 4 year old you are about to become.

You are so kind; remember kindness is what makes you beautiful inside and out. I see how you help your little sisters with things and kiss them on the top of their heads. I see how you run to get them their comforters when they are hurt or sad. I see how you share your special things with them and others and I see you leading them by the hand to show them the world as you know it. It's lovely, beautiful to watch and I'm so proud. 

You are wonderful big sister to not one but two little sisters! You've dealt with their arrivals so well and relished your role. I will never forget what you said to me when you first met Lottie this summer... "Thank you so much for her mummy, I love her". They love you Ellie and look up to you so much. I know sometimes it's annoying that they follow you everywhere and want your things but know that it's because you're wonderful. 

You are great fun. You giggle insanely at silly things, you dance in the kitchen and in the car when the radio is on, you take delight in making up games with your sisters and winding me up with daddy. You have a brilliant imagination, I love overhearing the conversations you have with your toys and the things you draw for us. 

You're great company. You ask me so many questions that I don't always have the answer too. I love that you told me to 'google it' when I didn't know the answer to your question last week. You chat and you empathise and you cuddle me when you can tell I need one.

You love Ballet dancing, playing with your friends, colouring and creating, being outdoors, baking, disney films and exploring new places. You love books, I often hear you 'reading' to yourself in the morning when you wake up early and you adore snuggling up with a good book with daddy and I. You love cinema trips and swimming and letting off steam at soft play. You love having your toe nails painted and dressing up and your favourite colour is still purple :)

You're becoming more independent and feisty. You know what you like and what you want and how to express this. At the same time you are sensible and considered and like things to be just so. There are times when you have been a "threenager" including your new found love of the girlband 'little mix' (where you can recite the lyrics to 'black magic' by heart) but I love this bit of you too as you're discovering who you are. 

4... What will the next year hold for you? Well, it's your last year at home with me before you go to school. I'm going to cherish it, make sure we have more fun than ever, laugh til we cry and cuddle you so much. It definitely feels like you're a little girl, a wonderful little girl and I love you so much. 

Happy birthday my sweet boo

Love mummy x

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  1. That's beautiful. And she is a wonderful little girl to be so very proud of. Happy birthday, not so little one xx


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