7 December 2015

Conquering washing mountain

This is today's dirty washing pile, an accurate representation of the amount of clothing 3 little ladies get through during a normal day.

My poor washing machine must wince when it sees me coming. I work it hard. At least 3 loads of laundry a day. We also use cloth nappies so it must be particularly thrilled when I fill it with a pile of dirty nappies with an extra rinse cycle. 

This is today's clean clothes pile, waiting patiently to be put away on my bedroom floor. A washing mountain that is very daunting... A fabric equivalent of Everest, well perhaps that's dramatic... Mont Blanc? Ok Snowden ;) the fact is I rarely conquer it. 

It doesn't always make it to the drawers and cupboards, we just get dressed straight from the pile sometimes then it's back in the washing machine. We are now users of enormous boxes of washing powder, giant bottles fabric softener and TONNES of stain remover.

The wash bins are rarely empty. In fact I think I've managed this once in the last 3 months. Perhaps I need to put something at the bottom of them as an incentive, a bottle of wine maybe? 

Right time to go... There is washing to do...
Eat, sleep (sort of), wash, repeat...

Image from Pinterest

Me x

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