6 January 2016

Entertaining when you have children

Maybe it's just us... But small children are not conducive to a great social life, unless of course it's theirs. We're not short of play dates, outings or children's birthday parties with the little ladies, but grown up socialising, dinner, drinks and heaven forbid dancing... Are hard to come by. We don't mind that much and are quite happy with our hangover free weekends in the form of  a takeaway and a film, but we do miss our friends. So this Christmas we decided to have a little get together at ours, it went a  little something like this:

It's 18:47 and we have 8 friends turning up at 19:30 for dinner and drinks. I am feeding the baby, daddy is trying to settle the other two but they are completely bouncing off the walls, running around naked after their bath shouting monkey boobies and patting their chests... We are in the clothes we have had on all day with added snot, sick and pasta sauce.. Not ours I might add. I don't think I have brushed my hair today and I certainly haven't put any make up on. When the baby is asleep I'll go down and put some on, this always feels so odd as it's practically bedtime for me too. I'll baby wipe my clothes, it's that or iron new ones and to be honest I am so tired I can't really be bothered tonight. We'll throw the toys into various storage spaces in attempt to make the place look vaguely grown up and tidy, I might even light a candle and put some music on that isn't the soundtrack to that beloved disney film with all the ice... 

Ice.... That reminds me, we don't have any. Might have time to dash to the shops for a bag. Probably not though unless I sacrifice the makeup and I'm not sure what would be worse for our guests, probably the latter... 

18:55 Daddy has just brought Miss Tibs in for a good night kiss. One down, 2 to go...

I've text our guests to tell them to sneak in through the kitchen door rather than ringing the doorbell and waking the little ladies, nothing like making them feel welcome...

19.00 the baby is still feeding and I'm close to falling asleep... Although I'm starving as I programmed to eat at 5pm with the little ladies. 

19:05 daddy I hear the clink of the stair gate and daddy goes downstairs to start making some kind of food. I prize the baby off me and lie her down in her cot. 

Now the mad dash begins and in the nicest possible way I'm wondering what I was thinking. I know what I was thinking, I am a social recluse and haven't seen my friends for so long, we can't go out because I'm not able to and don't want to leave miss dot. She'll be awake in 45 minutes and hourly thereafter. Sure she won't mind joining the party. So we invited everyone here and I get to keep my slippers on - winning ;) 

19:19 Three children asleep, Mr ironing his shirt, make up done. Plenty of time to go to the shops for ice and prosecco... We (I) NEED prosecco. 

19.29 home from the shops and friends are already here... Oops

19:45 eventually pour and take a sip of my drink and start to feel sociable, cue baby on the baby monitor who is ready to party too.

20:00- 21:00 feed the baby in between nibbles of party food. Attempt to make conversation and epically fail, I vaguely remember (ok, definitely remember) a very awkward conversation about pelvic floor with one of the male guests, mainly having to explain what it is after mentioning it in passing (note to self - this is not a conversation to be had in this kind of situation) The baby thinks all this is hilarious and is grinning at guests and wondering what on earth is going on. 

22:00 We really turn the party up a notch and crack out the games that the little ladies got for Christmas... Yes really...Turns out Bunny Jump is good fun until you realise that it's the same carrot that makes the bunny jump each time. 

11:00 most of the guests and us have now eaten so much beige party food that we are flagging. Time for another game...the name game, guessing people from descriptions. The baby is still awake at this point and turns her head from her feed everytime someone shouts out a name. Good job most of the guests have seen my boobs before and if they haven't they sure know what they look like now.

11:45 yawns are being suppressed badly  which one of our friends notices (I love her for this) and starts the departure proceedings.  The baby is exhausted after a very social evening, maybe she'll do a good stint for me ( this is highly unlikely) 

12:10 after a quick tidy round (paper plates and plastic cups were a great shout) we climb into bed ready for the 6:30 wake up call from the other two with more intermittent feeding of the baby.

6:30am the next day, I wonderered if the level of tired I felt was all worth it.... And the answer: Absolutely yes. A Good night with good friends is good for the soul. Bed at 7 with the kids tonight though! 

Me x

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