1 December 2015

You've got your hands full...

As a mummy to three children under the age of four people tell me daily that I have my hands full. Yesterday in the supermarket when I had all three little ladies seven different people said this as they passed us, as we queued at the till and when I was getting everyone back in the car. I had just 'popped' in to get some wrapping paper - in fact scrap that there is no 'popping' anywhere at the moment and this particular expedition took 40 minutes all in all.

The amount of stuff we leave the house with is epic - a car seat, a double buggy, sling, coats, wellies, scooters, sometimes a potty and my nappy bag resembles something Mary Poppins would be proud of. Oh and then there's the 3 children and all that they bring with them, snuggly bunnies, cloths and a random toy or two grabbed from the playroom on the way out the door. 

Three children under four is no mean feat. Yes, I do have my hands full... But we manage (I think), most of the time, there are also days where I feel like I absolutely am not managing and want to cry in a corner.

I always manage the basics - to get us all up (well they do that - often far too early!) dressed, fed and clean and out the house each day (although that does take quite a great deal of time and preparation and logistics can be tricky.) 

We always manage to do something lovely every day like go to see friends, go to a group, go to the park, do some arts and crafts, go for a treat in a cafe or just a walk in the fresh air. Sometimes having all three so close in age is an advantage, they play together with the same toys, like the same tv shows and books and enjoy the same play groups which makes things easier.

My strategy is to keep things simple, including my expectations of the girls and myself. As long as we are all somewhere on the happy scale at some point in the day then it's been a good one.  I have had to lower my standards in terms of housework and time keeping and I tend to only go to places and see people where I know it will be ok if someone, or all of us, have a 'moment'. We have a good but relaxed daily routine, that way we all know where we are and there is some order amongst the chaos. I think it's like anything, when you do it daily you find a rhythm.

I've taken the pressure off myself to be anything other than the girls' mummy at the moment, they come first, everything else can wait. At the moment this works. I've been at home full time for 4 years now so a lot of it is done without having to be thought about.

Most days are brilliant, we are a good team and I have to pinch myself that I get to be a mummy to these three little ladies. I love it and take the rough with the smooth. 

Other days are about getting through the day amidst tantrums, illness, teething, rubbish naps and bad moods punctuated with snacks, naps and meals while I count the minutes until bedtime.

This is where my support network comes in and I call in back up in the form of daddy, grandparents, sisters and friends who I wouldn't be without. Failing that, I give myself a bit of a talking to, have a cup of tea, remind myself how lucky I am and get on with it.

It is hard at times, but also incredibly rewarding and fun, in fact i've never laughed or cried so much. I do my best and know that it's so, so worth it.

The last thing people usually say at the end of these conversations is "three girls, how lovely" and do you know what, it really is, and they really are.

Me x

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  1. Love this, parenting is tough but you have a brilliant support network around you and that counts for so much huh, I couldn't do what I do without my team of family and friends, this was such a touching post x

    1. Thank you so much Vicki, really appreciate you popping by and reading my post. A support network, a village, whoever that may be is so important x


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