10 December 2015

Making Christmas magical

Christmas as a child for me was magical. I've rediscovered the magic since having the girls. I can't wait for this Christmas, At 4 Miss Boo totally gets it and is so excited already. Miss Tibs who is almost 2 will feed off her big sister's excitement and it will be wonderful seeing her absorb it all properly for the first time. Miss Dot won't have a clue what's going on but will enjoy the twinkly lights. I'm really enjoying creating our own little Christmas traditions which make that build up exciting. Here's how we make Christmas magical in our household:

1. Chocolate Advent calendars
 Who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast? This year the girls have snowman and the snow dog calendars which they chose themselves. We have also treated them to a playmobil calendar to share. 

2. Christmas books at bedtime.
We put all the Christmas books in the loft after the festivities and then bring them down on the 1st December. The girls were so excited to read them and i'm sure they will be chosen frequently for bedtime reads over the next few weeks.

3.Christmas Light switch on and Santa's Sleigh Visit
Our town holds a lovely Christmas market on the first weekend of December and the Christmas lights are switched on. It really feels like a announcement that Christmas is coming and the girls love the excitement and bustle, there is so much to see.

We are also really lucky that our local rotary club drive a sleigh down all the streets in the town and surrounding villages in the weeks before Christmas. The children cannot believe their eyes when they see the big man himself driving down the road. The sleigh is all lit up and blasts out Christmas tunes, if he wasn't Santa he'd be issued with an ASBO. Last year the girls were in their pyjamas already so we wrapped them in blankets on the doorstep. Simply magical.

4. Choosing our Christmas tree
We all go and choose and decorate our tree together as a family about 2 weeks before Christmas. I love a real tree, it smells amazing. We will be opting for a non drop one this year as I am sure it's going to be much loved... When talking to Miss Tibs about Christmas trees she said "like mog" it seems her only point of reference is the Sainsbury's Christmas advert, if you haven't seen it Mog the cat manages to blow the lights and ensure every needle falls off the tree... I'll update you on how it goes!

5. The kindness elves 
Two little elves will be coming to stay with us in the 12 days leading up to Christmas and teaching the girls about kindness and doing kind and fun things for them too. This is a concept magicked up by Anna at The Imagination Tree, pop on over to her blog to find out more or she has a dedicated Facebook Community Page too with lots of ideas. I started this last year when Miss Boo was 3 and she loved it, rushing downstairs to see what the elves had done overnight.

6. Listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies 
I don't know about you but as soon as I hear Christmas songs on the radio I really start to feel Christmassy, we had lots of fun dancing in the kitchen this morning to Shaking Stevens. I can't wait to snuggle up and watch some Christmas movies this year, I have my eye on 'The Polar Express", although the girls will probably go for "The Snowman" and "The Snowman and the Snow dog" on repeat.

7. Christmas crafts
We love making and creating in this house and Christmas provides so many opportunities to get creative. This year we'll be making some cards, tree decorations and gingerbread biscuits. I'm sure this will involve lots of glitter... Hopefully not in the biscuits.

8. A visit to Santa 
I love taking the girls to see Santa, it really cements the magic and gets their imaginations going. We try to go somewhere different each year so it's a new and exciting experience.

9. A Christmas Eve Box
This is a tradition we started last year. When our kindness elves went home on Christmas Eve they left behind a Christmas box with a Christmas book, some new matching pyjamas and hot chocolate. It was a wonderful surprise for the girls and something i'm looking forward to recreating every year.

10. Santa's plate
As a child I always remember the last thing we did before bed on Christmas Eve was to lay out a plate for Santa with sherry, a carrot and a mince pie. What was even more magical was seeing it all nibbled and drank the next morning. I bought the girls a hand painted Santa plate from Made by Emma with a spot for all the bits and bobs on especially for this purpose, it's fab and I can't wait to put it by the fireplace with them on Christmas Eve.

I hope all these things will make Christmas magical for my 3 little ladies this year and in years to come and they'll remember them when they are older.

Ok now i've written that i'm feeling very festive indeed... Pass the mince pies :)

Me x

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