30 December 2015

Our year in review

When I think back over the last 12 months so much has happened. There have been some pretty major changes and a lot of adapting to do for all of us. Last December my Mr made the huge decision to leave a job which he had poured his heart and soul into but for one reason or another (out of his control) didn't work out. The timing wasn't brilliant with Christmas approaching but being happy is in our opinion the most valuable possession you can have. He swiftly started a new freelancing job which meant that after 3 years of working from home and mostly being there for breakfast and tea time he would now be leaving the house by 7am and home long after the little ladies were tucked up in bed 4-5 days at week, sometimes more with lots of working weekends due to the nature of his work. While the change was daunting it was refreshing and the stress swiftly left our home. I am immensely proud of him, it takes courage to make a big change like this when you are responsible for supporting a family but it needed to happen, it was so worth it and we are all so much happier.  I was already at home full time with the girls so I took care of them and everything else. We are a team and it works for us.  Work should be fulfilling and rewarding and when it takes up so much of your life you have to love what you do, whatever it is and be appreciated and valued. It taught us to always face problems head on and walk hand in hand through them.

At the end of December, just before Christmas, we found out we were expecting Miss Dot right before we were due to go out on our first night out together in months with friends. My plans of drunken merriment went out the window and we began to wonder what life with 3 under 4 might look like. I was excited but scared and worried about being pregnant with two small children as I had terrible morning sickness with Miss Tibs and Miss Dot. I was grateful that I would have 8 months of 2016 to get used to the idea and other than feeling pretty tired there was no sickness!
January brought with it Miss Tib's first birthday, we spent the day at centre parcs with great friends swimming and eating cake, it was wonderful. February gave us time to settle in to our new routine and share some much needed family time together whenever we could, we had a lovely visit to the sea life centre which captivated the girls. 

In March we welcomed a new niece into the family and in April we celebrated mine and the Mr's birthdays. I'll always remember that birthday as Miss Boo wrote her name in my birthday card for the first time. May we added to our family in the fluffy form of our rabbit Pedro, he's a lovely little fellow and the girls have enjoyed having him just as much as we hoped they would. 

We also enjoyed an overnight stay to Lego Land in Windsor, the girls loved it. In June we spent a whole week together which was just blissful, glamping in Suffolk. 

The summer saw a pregnancy announcement from my little sister, (yay!) several beautiful weddings which were wonderful to attend along with our 5th wedding anniversary in July. 

On August 23rd our amazing little Miss Dot arrived on the night after the hottest day of the summer (labouring in 28 degrees was a bit of a surprise after 2 winter babies!) and there we were, suddenly a family of five. 

September - December have been a wee bit of a blur as we found our new normal with another member of the family but it's all settled down for the most part now and I can't remember not having 3 children. It's amazing, exhausting, logistically challenging sometimes and surpassed all my expectations. Sometimes I feel there is not enough of me to go round but there is more love than I could ever have anticipated and I wouldn't change the chaos for the world.

Miss Boo turned 4 in December and my little, little sister got engaged - eek!  This year has disappeared in the blink of an eye, it's absolutely whizzed by in fact. There have been big changes, but all for the better. As a couple and as a family we are strong and united and surrounded by the most awesome people and that is key to all that we are.

I can't wait to see what next year brings, I'm looking forward to all the fun the little ladies will inevitably bring and the celebrations and moments we'll share with our families. Miss Tibs will turn 2, our new niece or nephew will arrive, Miss Dot will turn 1 (that seems crazy right now as I cradle her in my arms as I type) Miss Boo will start school, my lovely mum will turn 60 and we have a wedding to plan. Bring it on. We're ready for you 2016 but take your time, we want to enjoy every day that you bring :)

Wishing you all a happy new year

Me x

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