19 December 2015

What the bloody hell was I thinking?

Does anyone else have these moments? When you do something with your little people and the thought 'what the bloody hell was I thinking' swiftly enters your head? I blame Pinterest for many of these moments....Today we most definitely had one of them. 

Why on earth did I think painting with 3 small children and a shit load of glitter and glue on my own was a good idea?!!  Because it was 3pm and we'd exhausted every other activity, with 4 hours to go before bedtime I thought it would kill some time. 

Inner monologue: It will be a nice thing for them to do together, they could make some Christmas pictures. Yep. Great. They'll enjoy that.

Just setting up was stressful as Miss Tibs started to squeeze the paint all over the table missing the vessel it was intended for and throwing a tantrum because she couldn't get the lid off the glitter. I don't mind a bit of mess but...

Silent Monologue: Damn you Pinterest... 

I'm only joking...Pinterest does have many merits despite it's flaw of making everything look perfectly easy and I love it. If you paint with your little people I highly recommend putting your paint in an empty egg carton, something I discovered during a recent pinning session ;) it is a great palette and it makes the clean up far less painful. The lid can then be used as a colour mixing tray.

Silent monologue: It will be alright once it's set up and they're happy getting stuck in... I might even have a cup of tea.

It wasn't long before I remembered that Miss Boo and Miss Tibs are not really compatible painting buddies. Miss Boo is precise and delicate and likes to take her time, Miss Tibs is like a bull in a china shop... with a paintbrush. She can't make pictures fast enough, before we know it 5 pieces of paper are covered in paint, glue and glitter and so is she. We'll let her off... She's not even 2. Meanwhile Miss Boo is painting the Christmas tree she asked me to draw her beautifully... Within moments of her proudly finishing her creation Miss Tibs helpfully adds an orange splodge to the picture... Cue mini meltdown from Miss Boo... 

Inner monologue: Oh bollocks. Right time to distract... Let's do some handprints for daddy! We might as well now we have all this out. 

Error. I should not have thought out loud. They are painting their hands before there is any paper on the table which I throw in front if them just in time with the baby under my other arm. They love it, result. I take the opportunity to make a picture of all three of their hands - pinterest eat your heart out!

Inner monologue: Well that went well...While they're happy I'll do some footprints with Miss Dot as a keepsake for her baby book. Hooray, baby footprints beautifully printed! I'll put the kettle on for that cuppa.

Whilst my back was turned Miss Tibs and Miss Boo had removed their socks and started painting their feet and were 'creatively' stamping them on the bench they were meant to be sitting on. The baby was crying because I had to put her down to sort the others out and she wasn't a massive fan of having her feet painted. One child under each arm the only thing for it was a bath (at 4pm) there was glitter and paint literally from head to toe. They of course thought all this was a marvellous adventure... 


30 mins later and they are clean and in their pjs, the bath and bathroom resembles a snow globe, it was tea time, (I hadn't started tea) and the kitchen table looked like this: 

Once I'd cleaned it (which took more time than the actual activity) I then started to heat up tea which was spaghetti bolognese... Brilliant, I'd just dressed them in white pjs. 

Inner monologue: Never mind, it's all good, they had fun and I have some rather beautiful hand and footprints to pin on Pinterest and share on Instagram ;) 

(Ignores the glitter on every surface in the house - which was deep cleaned entirely yesterday) 

Me x 

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