20 January 2016

Phoebe Turns Two

Phoebe! You're two! How did that happen? I've decided to write to you all on your birthday each year to some how capture you in time. This is you, right now, here in words and all that we love about you.

You are an amazing little being. You are old beyond your years, you always have been, trying to keep up with your big sister who is your hero. You crawled at 6 months, walked at 10 months and talk like a 3 year old, there's no stopping you. In fact when people ask you how old you are you say '3 in January', not til next year little lady! You're so funny and cheeky, you make jokes and giggle at the strangest things. You are super ticklish and have such a glint in your eye. Your presence is so felt, you light up a room when you are in it and make everyone smile.

You have incredible empathy for your age, a heart of gold, and will run to get your sisters a tissue when they cry or fetch Ellie's bunnies for her when you can tell she's sad. You love cuddling and being cuddled, I love it when you reach up to me and say 'cuddle'. As soon as I scoop you up you wriggle down and off you go again, you're always on a mission. You snuffle a muslin cloth to sleep or for comfort and have recently started showing a preference for certain ones and fondly named them 'clothy'.

You're a brilliant little sister and an equally brilliant big sister. You play make believe with Ellie and lie gazing at butterflies next to Lottie on her playmat. You look at them both with such love and adoration, it's just wonderful. You can be a bit of a tinker with a little pinch or hair tug here and there but you are quickly forgiven with that devilish grin that you own. We have been amazed at how well you have adjusted to Lottie's arrival last year and are super proud of how you have just got on with life as you know it, I hope this happy go lucky personality trait sticks as it will stand you in good stead for the future.

You're a typical toddler, you love playing with your farm animals, building things with duplo and being a mummy to your dolls. You insist that your baby has a hat on at all times. You love jumping in puddles, playing in the sandpit and grubbing around. You eat playdough like it's going out of fashion, you also love pomegranate seeds which I silently beg you not to ask for in the supermarket in case we appear on the "overheard at waitrose" site! You call peppa pig 'pekka pig' which makes us smile every time you say it. 

You have so much energy and zest for life, my heart is in my mouth every time you try something new as you are a little explorer and so daring but unaware of risks. You love wearing wellies, they are your accessory of choice wherever we go. You love dancing and singing nursery rhymes, favourites at the moment are heads shoulders knees and toes and sleeping bunnies. You have a slight obsession with the 'big bad wolf' we have read little red riding hood and the three little pigs countless times over the last few months,  I have even made you a big bad wolf birthday cake at your request. You hide behind your hands every time we get you out the car and truly believe that we can't see you, you never get tired of us pretending we don't know where you are and giggle as you take your hands away.

So what does the next year hold for you? I can hardly even imagine! I know you'll keep me busy and continue to amaze me. You're starting playschool this week. I know you'll love this and settle in just fine, you've been taking your coat and boots off and sitting on the mat each time we take miss boo for a while now. You'll continue to grow into the strong, independent little lady that we know and love, we are so proud of you.

Happy birthday 'my darling' (I smile as I type this as you recently said this was your name when you were asked!) 

Love mummy x

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