23 February 2016

Happy half birthday Lottie

My littlest lady,

How are you 6 months old? Half a year. I have no idea where that time has gone, it feels like we have had you forever, yet at the same time it feels like no time at all.

You are a lovely, smiley, happy baby with beautiful big, blue eyes and a little fuzz of dark brown hair. You're changing weekly, daily in fact at the moment and so keen to join in. You have pretty much doubled your birth weight and although it slightly breaks my heart when you grow out of your clothes I'm thrilled that you're clearly thriving. You can sit up for a few minutes or and have rolled from back to front a couple of times and you love to growl at us like a little bear. Your giggle is amazing, I wish I could bottle it, there is nothing quite like that sound. You giggle most at your big sisters who love to make you laugh, you even giggle when they are a bit over zealous with their hugs. You are so patient and tolerant when you have to wait while I do something for Miss Boo or Miss Tibs. You are no trouble at all, in fact sometimes in the nicest possible way we don't even know we have you. In the car recently Miss Boo asked if we had forgotten you as you quietly and happily fit in to our busy lives with a smile, my heart stopped for a minute before I turned around to see you safely in your seat.

We have our time just you and I in the night, frequently in fact... and as tired as I am I don't mind. I'm trying to drink it all in as I hold you in those early hours of the night while you drink your milk clutching tightly to my finger or dressing gown.

You love being in the sling and bury your head into my chest in a coy manner when someone says hello. I love it. I love holding you close and how you settle as soon as I scoop you into my arms, I am your safe place and it feels truly wonderful. Your cheeks are just divine and gorgeous to kiss, your sisters like to 'chubby, chubby' them. You still have that lovely baby smell, I hope that stays a while longer.

You're starting to explore the world and are enjoying playing with rattles and toys, particularly scrunchy ones.You're also becoming attached to a little snuggly giraffe comforter (which reminds me to get a spare). Your favourite time of day is bathtime and you splash wildly with the biggest of grins when we put you in the tub. You love food and can pick up bits and bobs from your high chair tray. Blueberries and broccoli are a firm favourite. I'm looking forward to introducing you to lots more things I know you'll love. 

You have so many adventures to come over the next few months and we'll look forward to sharing them all with you. Your big sisters are desperate for you to crawl, they may change their minds when you actually do and will have to make do with crawling, walking baby annabel in the meantime. 

I love the dynamic between the three of you and your different relationships with your big sisters. I can't wait to watch those relationships blossom over the coming months and continue to get to know you. You're everyone's baby and we love you so much

Happy half birthday our little dot.

Love mummy x


  1. Love your blogs:). My 3rd just slotted in and I used to forget she was there - poor thing! xx

  2. Thank you Angie, it makes for a super relaxed baby and i'm sure will stand them in good stead :) x


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