21 February 2016



Tonight you uttered those beautiful sounds, the two syllables that were the audible version of a wrecking ball obliterating 6 months of sleepless nights and exhaustion. 'Ma-ma.'  

I've been waiting for this moment, yet I had forgotten how incredible it feels
when you hear your baby say it for the first time. It's breath takingly amazing. It's recentered me, and taken me to a place where I feel like there is nothing I'd rather be than 'mama' to you Dot and to your big sisters Tibs and Boo. They made the moment even more special you see by cheering and jumping up and down in excitement. They kissed your forehead and told you well done, pioneering you forward and celebrating you in the most perfect of ways. That small, little sound brought such joy and such magic to us and you smiled in such a knowing way before repeating it again for more clapping of hands. 

Thank you Miss Dot for topping up my tank, for reminding me what it's all about and how the simple things are the things with most value in this world. I could listen to you say it all day and I'm sure like your sisters, you will. Three little voices calling me...and I will always come.

Love Mama x

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