17 February 2016

First Tastes with Ella's Kitchen

We have started Miss Dot's weaning journey and so far she is absolutely loving her adventures with food. She's not exactly 6 months for a week or so but developmentally ready so we decided to go for it. She has been sitting in her high chair for a while now at mealtimes with us and really enjoying the social side of food and watching us very closely.

The lovely people at Ella's Kitchen kindly sent us a box of goodies for us to try. Their stage one pouches were great for Miss Dot's first tastes.

I popped a little bit on a soft tipped spoon and gave it to Miss Dot to try. I love all the expressions she made as she tasted and explored the texture of the food and chewed on the spoon. 

I've used Ella's Kitchen products before when weaning Miss Boo and Miss Tibs and beyond when we were out and about or on holiday, you can squeeze them straight onto a spoon so they are really handy to pop in a lunchbox. I've always loved mixing the fruity Ella's pouches with natural yogurt to create a tasty low sugar pudding and they are great to mix in with porridge too to give it flavour.

I also like to make my own food and am a big fan of baby just having a bit of what we are having and some bits and bobs on their tray to try and play with. Miss Dot is really embracing feeding herself and does prefer this way. So far she has devoured sticks of mango, kiwi, broccoli heads, cucumber sticks, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, sweet potato, carrots and butternut squash mash. It's messy but that's so important and that's what all in one bibs are for and detachable high chair trays. (see my handy weaning items list at the end of the post)

The older girls were very intrigued and excited by Miss Dot eating food and have been offering her things to try from their plates. They were also very keen to try her food so it was great that Ella's Kitchen also sent us some of their new kids snack range. They liked the idea of the Smooshy Snacks which are essentially smoothies which can slurped straight from the pouch. The flavour combinations are really interesting and different such as mango and pumpkin and strawberry and beetroot. They didn't quite hit the spot with the girls sadly which was  a shame as they would have made handy, healthy snacks I could keep in a bag and whip out for those 'i'm starving and need to eat right now or I will implode' moments, we've all hand a squashed banana in our bag and it's not pretty...

The girls much preferred the Fruity Bars, particularly the superhero packaging and Miss Boo immediately asked if she could have one in her lunchbox for play school which i'll say is a win :)

The girls love that Miss Dot can join in with mealtimes now and are enjoying telling her that she can't have biscuits or ice cream because she is a baby. It won't be long before she's eating everything they are :)

Me x

Handy Weaning Items
  • We love our Ikea Antilop High Chair, it's literally the best £13 i've ever spent, so easy to clean, with no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in, it doesn't take up lots of space, looks great and best of all the tray comes off so it can go in the dishwasher or your baby/toddler can sit right next to the table.
  • I discovered Cheeky Wipes when weaning Miss Tibs after they were recommended by a friend. They are amazing reusable, washable microfibre wipes. So soft and gentle and incredibly efficient at cleaning faces, hands and high chairs. The older girls ask for a 'cheeky wipe' at the end of their meals to wipe their hands and faces themselves, I run them under the warm tap a bit like a hot towel service on a aeroplane :)
  • All in one bibs are an essential, it's a messy business and these protect your little ones clothes underneath so they can get stuck in. We recently picked a pack of two up in John Lewis for £8.95. A plastic rubber bib is also a good idea to roll up and keep in the nappy bag for when you're out and about.
  • A lunchbox for keeping food cool and separate to the rest of your nappy bag when you are out and about. We like the Skip Hop Insulated Lunchies which you can get from numerous retailers in lots of fun designs.
*Please note the opinions in the above post are my own, true views and experiences, any products I have mentioned or linked to I have purchased myself, with the exception of the featured Ella's Kitchen products which were kindly sent to us to try.*

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