16 April 2016

Giving them wings

"What if I fall... Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" Erin Hansen

This is the toughest part of mothering for me but arguebly one of the most important parts: allowing my children's wings to form and grow and letting them flutter and fly. 

They are like tiny little butterfly's that start as a cocoon growing in your belly and then arrive in all their beauty with their delicate, fragile, little wings. Although they have wings they need to be taught to fly, given the freedom and space to learn, yet kept safe, this is easier said than done.

I'm struggling with this right now as I prepare for Miss Boo to go to school in September, a while off yet I know, but on my mind as we find out which school she'll be off to on Monday. She's ready to go, she's desperate to go in fact and when we were talking about it at bedtime the other night and I said to her that I'd miss her and I wish she could stay little a bit longer, she wisely said to me, you have to let me grow up mummy. It very much feels like I have a little butterfly in my hands and I'm about to open the window and let it dart out and flit around. 

Its daunting but I have to give their wings strength and courage, I have to allow them to fly, to find their places in this world and enjoy watching them from a safe distance and be in reach for them to return to as they need to. I am their summer meadow.

I always wear a butterfly necklace which my Mr gave to me in the early days of our relationship. All 3 of the little ladies have twirled it and still do as I hold them and snuggle them. They comment on it often and love it as much as I do. I gave Miss Boo a mini one for her 4th birthday which she was so delighted with and told me she will treasure it always. I will do the same for Miss Tibs and Miss Dot. I hope it will always remind them to spread their wings and fly - my three little butterflies.

Me x

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