6 March 2016

Mother to Mother: A letter to my mum on Mother's Day

My mum and I on my 1st birthday
My lovely mum,

I wanted to write a few things down for you for Mother's Day yet I don't actually know where to begin, where on earth do I start? 

In recent years since becoming a mother myself I have developed a new appreciation of you, on a whole other level. After growing and bringing my own babies into the world I now understand just how much you love me and my siblings and quite how much we have to thank you for.

Thank you for growing me all those years ago and carrying me for 9 long months, I now know what great effort that takes and also that it's all way more than worth it. Thank you for nurturing me in every single way when I was tiny enough for just one of your fingers to fit in my whole hand and for still holding it now. Thank you for ferrying me here, there and everywhere, now I'm doing the ballet run myself I appreciate how much time you gave up to shape me into who I am today. Thank you for the countless bedtime stories which I now read to my own children, for tucking me in and making me feel loved and safe. Thank you for the memories of duck feeds and strawberry picking and playing for hours on sandy beaches. Thank you for all the roast dinners, and steak dinners and more recently the delivered dinners! Thank you for the 'just because' treats and thoughtful gestures. Thank you for making celebrations special and getting the family together. Thank you for insisting that I have time to myself and time with my Mr. Thank you for looking after my babies while I do that. Thank you for picking me up off the floor when I've fallen physically and emotionally as a little person and as a big person. Thank you for looking after me when I've been running on half empty or poorly. Thank you for listening, for understanding, for supporting me, for just 'getting it' and letting me know that you are never to old for a hug. Thank you for teaching me to be the best mama I can be to my three little ladies and giving me confidence that my best is more than enough. Thank you for being you and for being there, always, without question, I'm so grateful. 

Me x

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