3 March 2016

12 Children's Books You Need On Your Bookshelf

Books are so important to me, as is encouraging the girls to find a love for them too. I love cuddling up with them and finding a book with a story that captures their imagination with its words and magical illustrations. It's time well spent together and something all of us can enjoy and get something out of. We have a large collection of books and we also regularly visit the library. The girls excitedly choose their books and take them to the machine, it's an amazing service which is crazy not to use, they can have up to 20 books out. If we find a gem then we usually pop online and order it.

We always have a story or three at bedtime and it's really interesting to see what they pick. We have a dedicated reading corner in their room with shelving they can easily access and rotate the books from a larger book shelf to encourage variety. 

Here are 12 books you need on your children's bookshelf:

Why we love it: it's funny, it rhymes, it's wonderful to read aloud and the ending never fails to delight. This was sent through the post as a surprise for the girls from a good friend of ours and reminds us of them. 


Why we love it: it's magical and all about believing and imagination, the girls are desperate to find a bog baby which we look for when we visit the woods.


Why we love it: it's a classic and is picked time and time again, I've read it 15 times in a row to Phoebe before. Who wouldn't want a tiger to come for tea?


Why we love it: it's a really fun mixed up story with a repetitive verse. Ellie is really keen to learn to read at the moment and she can remember large sections of this book and will 'read' it to us.

Why we love it: it's from the brilliant author of 'Guess how much I love you?' And is about three baby bears who are wondering who their mummy and daddy love the most. The message is lovely and I pick it out if I ever feel a bit of sibling jealously about, because as the title suggests, they are all my favourites :)


Why we love it: it's another book with three babies in! The girls love the owls names and I think it covers the separation anxiety thing well.


Why we love it: It's funny and beautifully illustrated, the girls can't believe what the little boy throws up to free his kite from a tree. 


Why we love it: it's something we can imagine the girls doing one day! It's fun and silly and the girls laugh every time and cover their mouths with the suspense of whether or not daddy will like his sandwich.

Why we love it: this is the follow up to the brilliant prequel 'what the ladybird heard' and it doesn't disappoint. This time the theives are after the fat red hen... The girls love spotting the ladybird on each page, we love Julia Donaldson's lyrical words.

Why we love it: I picked this up in a charity shop for 30p and it's a great find. A cheeky read with a cheerful and heartwarming ending.


Why we love it: it has 3 foxes in, the girls really enjoy books with 3 characters in. The foxes are called fox 1,2 & 3 so I change their names to the girl's names which they adore. The story sees the foxes explore different animals homes so has an educational element and it holds their attention well.


Why we love it: this was one of my favourite books as a child and I now really enjoy reading it to my children. We got it for Phoebe for her birthday and she loves the simple adventure of a trip to the moon before bathtime in a box. The girls have on several occasions created their own rocket and picnic from play food and emulated the story.

We're always on the look out for new books to add to our collection so feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. I hope you like our reccomendations - happy reading!

Me x

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