24 April 2016

Capturing the little ladies in time

Quite often caring for three small children on limited sleep (yes still...) means that my days are hazy and sometimes long, but I'm very aware that they are flying by and actually very short. The girls are growing up so quickly and so fast, I NEED to capture them in time somehow, to remember these moments. We get out most days for an adventure of some sort and at there are so many 'firsts', 'lasts' and beautiful exchanges between they girls so there is a lot to capture. Photos and this blog ultimately serve as a little memory jogger, a diary, a record, that they were once little and cute and that it wasn't all hard, but that the tantrums, nappy changes and daily grind were heavily punctuated with perfect, incredible moments that bring me such simple joy. 

absolutely love photographing the little ladies, most of my photos are taken on my iPhone, kept handy in my back pocket, ready to capture those magic moments. I take photos every day and love looking back at them and seeing how much the girls have changed and remembering the moment and why I chose to snap it.  

I'm a little bit in love with my latest time capsule kindly sent to us by The Real Ruler Height Chart Company. A 6ft 6" handcrafted wooden height chart designed to look like a vintage school ruler. Each one is handmade and therefore unique just like each family and home they end up in. You can choose a beautiful, raw wood finish or they also come in some gorgeous farrow and ball colours. We have hung it in the girls' playroom, a room in the house that we've recently converted from an office space into a space that will grow with them over time. It's currently full of toys but one day I imagine it will house a sofa, a homework desk maybe and a TV so they can watch MTV with their friends. 

However it evolves, it will always be their space, the ruler will be a permanent fixture and I'm going to keep it there in its spot for as long as we are in the house. I've decided that we'll mark it with their names and heights each birthday as a reminder of how little they once were, although if they're anything like me I doubt they'll ever be taller than my 5ft 4". In-between then, I can take pictures of them standing against it to record them growing practically before our eyes. The girls love measuring themselves. Miss Boo is determined to always be the tallest as 'she's the oldest'; I have a feeling Miss Dot may overtake both her big sisters but time will tell :)

However tall they grow, it's going to serve as a kind of time capsule, and I hope a family tradition, I'm sure they'll love looking at it and seeing how much they have grown over the years. And then... When they are grown up and have left home having adventures on their own, it will be a reminder for us of their childhood and how precious it was and I'll be so proud of how they have grown in every sense of the word. 

Me x

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You can take a look at The Real Ruler Height Chart Co collection HERE 

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