23 July 2016

Goodbye playschool

Wednesday  was Miss Boo's last day at playschool, it feels like a big day in the life of a little and also as a Mother so I've decided to document it. Since January when Miss Tibs started playschool I have taken a photo of them together every Monday morning on our doorstep. As I took their picture I got a lump in my throat as I realised this was the last time they would share this kind of time together for a while, until the school holidays or when Miss Tibs joins her in 2 years.

Miss Boo has helped her little sister settle in so well and given her such confidence, they love being together and are the best of friends (most of the time). They were both so excited to go to the end of term party with all their friends but as I drove home I couldn't help but cry with feeling just a bit overwhelmed that this little chapter was coming to an end for Miss Boo and rather selfishly, for me too. I've been at home with her for 4.5 years now and it feels monumental that she's heading off to school in 6 weeks time. It also hit me that she's no longer a preschooler but a little girl and I hadn't noticed the change in her until I looked through her key file of all the photos of when she started aged just 2. 

This has of course been my job all along - to nurture and grow her into a lovely little human to go off into the world but my it's hard giving them wings and letting them fly, way harder than I ever imagined it would be. She of course is beyond excited to be a 'big girl' and start school, and I am excited for her as I know she's ready and that she'll continue to thrive and absolutely love it. It's the change that unsettles me and ultimately that her sisters and I will miss her so very much when September rolls around. As I flick through her beautiful learning journey book that her playschool key worker created for her I've learnt things about my daughter that I didn't know and I couldn't be prouder. The final piece of work she did at playschool was about looking forward to school and I just love her answers:

I've tried to talk to her lots about going to school and whether she has any questions or worries and what she is looking forward to and she has seemed pretty non plussed about the whole thing. To see that she is excited to make new friends but also worried about making new friends makes my heart hurt a little bit, as long as she stays true to herself and sticks to our family motto of being 'kind and gentle' then I know she'll be just fine. She's so intrigued by PE and school dinners, it really made me smile that she put these as things she is looking forward to - I hope she's not disappointed (I was never a fan of either!). Most of all I love that's she's inherited my love of books and that she is thirsty to read and I can't wait for when she inevitably sits and reads her little sisters a bedtime story in the not to distant future.

We had to choose a book for her as a commemorative leaving present from the playschool and chose "The book with no pictures" which is all about words and how clever they are. When she opened it  she was confused as to why there were no pictures but when I read it to her she listened so intently and laughed and asked me what the words said, it was the perfect book for her as she starts the next part of her journey. 

So that's it, no more playschool for Miss Boo and kind of the end of an era for me in that I won't have 3 little ladies at home for the most part with me any more. I'm going to make this a summer for us all to remember, we'll have lots adventures together and lots of long lazy mornings eating pancakes in our pjs too before we are tied into 9-3, Monday to Friday school days and then we'll count down until the weekend and then half term when my sisters can be a three all day long. While Miss Boo is having a wonderful time learning about the world at school I will make sure i have lots of quality time with Miss Tibs and Miss Dot so that they can follow (although not too quickly) in her lovely, confident, independent footsteps.

Me x

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