16 July 2016

The Mothership

The mothership, what a tumultuous vessel. Life on board the mothership is a interesting journey...One minute you're happily sailing along on some kind of idyllic cruise liner, it's amazing, everyone's having fun and you can't believe how lucky you are. There are lots
sunny days which are so enjoyable and you're so glad you hopped aboard.  

The next minute the weather turns and brings stormy days with tricky conditions to navigate. There are ups and downs as the ship bobs up and down on the waves and keeping the ship sailing in the right direction requires a lot of effort, we won't even mention finding the time to clean it...

Then there are the days when the cabin fever really sets in and you just want to get off... Except you're running out of fuel and there's no sign of land nearby. You consider momentarily jumping ship but there are no lifejackets and the water is shark infested. You'll have to wait, your passengers need you. Time to find a lifeboat and send out an s.o.s.

This is the kind of day I've had today and it's the worst feeling. The little ladies have cried back to back ALL DAY. Miss Dot kindly woke everyone up at 5am so they're overtired and very grumpy. They are fighting continually, point blank refusing to nap and no matter what I do I just can't appease them or distract them. The mothership has been invaded by pirates and I just want to get off; it feels like it's sinking fast.

Today, I felt completely mothered out by 2:30pm, exhausted, exasperated, frustrated, irritated and then guilty for feeling all those things. This is when I know that at the next possible port I need to hop off the ship to avoid a collision course, breathe and do something for me. Today amongst the storm I hid in the kitchen for 2 minutes, ate a bar of chocolate, made a cup of tea and drank it hot; it was like finding a spare fuel tank, albeit a small one but enough to get me to land before sunset. Tonight I'm going to run a hot bubble bath and try and relax as a kind of compass reset. Then I'm going to ask my husband to take the helm and take the girls out for the morning on his next day off so I can get off the mothership for a bit and refuel the tank properly. Then i will be ready to get back on board, turn the ship around into calmer water and set sail again back on that Caribbean cruise, possibly with a mojito in my hand :) 

Me x

Dear Bear and Beany


  1. I think we all have these sort of days, we just need to reboot and have a break. Lovely post #sharingthebloglove

  2. Days like this only a chocolate and coffee get me through. I find that every couple of months I need time to myself, to be alone and reset that battery ready to start over again. Without it I would be a mess! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  3. I definitely have those days - in fact, they seem to come in quick succession and leave me feeling so drained. I can imagine it's much worse with more than just the one to deal with when they're all up and down at different points! I've definitely been guilty of hiding in the kitchen with a sneaky chocolate fix - my son soon comes toddling through to find me though! I think taking time to look after ourselves is so important after days like this - sounds like that mojito is well deserved! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove


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