23 August 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Lottie

To my littlest lady, our little Miss Dot,

How on earth are you one? I have to tell you that this has been the fastest year ever and it feels like we've had you no time at all but at the same time i can't remember you not being part of our family unit.

You are our cheeky, happy, winging it (in the best possible way) baby. You have always just gone with the flow and just slotted right in. You do however know how to object very strongly when something isn't to your liking, such as your crib, and your cot.. and sleep or me being out of sight.

Your vocal nature is not limited to objection though, you chat away and seem to understand us and join in when you can. I love how you wildly nod your head and whisper yesssssssssss when you agree with things or if I ask you if you'd like a drink. You shout me me me me me at the top of your voice when you see something your sisters are having that you'd like too like cake and ice cream. This is where being the third baby has amazing advantages, whereas your eldest sister did not have anything sugary until she was at least 2, you've tried a whole host of things you probably shouldn't just because, well... its a bit easier and because it doesn't quite seem fair not to. You've also benefited from super relaxed parents all round, we know the drill by now and how it goes and i've genuinely loved the baby days with you, without fear, without doubt, without worry and i've parented you with confidence and you've had two big sisters to help who have adored you from day one.

I cannot tell you how much i love how you say my name, you have the sweetest little voice and even if i hear you say it 100 times a day it never gets old, possibly for daddy when you call him 'mummy' too, even though you are perfectly capable and can say his name and are actually becoming quite a daddy's girl even if you might pretend not to be. You can make sounds that resemble your sisters names which they just love. Your little face lights up when you see them first thing in the morning or when we pick them up from play school. You are incredibly tolerant of them, sometimes they will bundle you over and i'm there waiting for you to cry, but you don't you just sit up and carry on with that cheeky grin of yours with those 4 little teeth poking out. You are so determined and keen to keep up with your big sisters and join in the fun. Your favourite game is to crawl whilst being chased by your sisters or us round and round the sofa, hiding and peeking out, it leaves you in fits of giggles. Equally, you are so ticklish just under your chin or on your tummy which they have cottoned onto.

You can clap your hands, you love to dance, you love brumming a car along the carpet. You love emptying the play shop and play kitchen and ABSOLUTELY love babies, you'll even sit and feed a doll food and shout 'baby' whenever you see one, usually that your sister is carrying. Lately your favourite thing to do is climb... i'm not going to lie, this most definitely is not funny, even though i can't help but laugh with you as you look me in the eye, climb onto the little red spotty armchair we have, stand up and laugh before i come and get you.

A week ago just to keep me on my toes a bit more you took your first steps, 4 wobbly steps. The problem is you are keen to run before you walk and need to slow down a bit, our applause only encourages you to rush more.You have some little soft leather padders which you bring to me and try to put on your self which tells me you're desperate to do it. Don't worry I'm sure you'll be up and running before you know it.

You love the swings and slide at the park, your favourite food is probably cheese, followed by all kinds of fruit, particularly blueberries and you love our Sunday morning pancakes.  You have the most beautiful big eyes that everyone comments on and are pretty much always happy. We all love how you give us kisses before you go to bed when we say night night to you, if you hear someone say good night you just start kissing the air! You are super tactile and cuddly and always have been, you have spent a lot of time snuggled up in the sling as a result this year, hopefully feeling safe and close to me while you take it all in. You've learnt so much this year but still have so much more to learn and your sisters are willing teachers which i am not sure is always a good thing...

I kind of feel like i've babbled a bit but it's so hard to put you down in words and i want to remember every last bit of you at this age and capture how i'm feeling about you and about this milestone.  This first birthday feels particularly momentous for me as its the last time we'll be celebrating a first birthday in our house. It's incredibly emotional for me as a mama as i wave goodbye to the baby days, but i couldn't have wished for a more wonderful last baby and i feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to be your mummy, thank you for making the last 12 months so special for me in so many ways, i'd have every sleepless night, every feed, every cuddle a million times over.

Happy first birthday my baby (you'll always be the baby) we all love you so very much

Mummy x

ps i've just realised that you'll be the only one who will have birthday letters from 1 all the way through, see its not all bad being the third baby ;)

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