30 August 2016

Remembering these days

This week is the last week with all 3 of my little ladies at home for a while. I must admit it's suddenly hit me that change is afoot with Miss Boo starting school and I'm feeling incredibly emotional about it, it really feels like the end of an era.

Summer has been truly magical and other than a few of the usual tricky days that come with parenting we have had so many wonderful adventures ticking off lots of our summer 'to do list'. We have explored, laughed, made, baked, snuggled, had lazy, carefree, days just being us and best of all created some beautiful memories that I will genuinely treasure forever.

I have adored watching my trio of sisters together, and realising how close their bond is, it's made my heart hurt a little bit .There is something about summer that has made me take more time to watch them and be more present rather than getting distracted with day to day life and the mundane jobs that can sometimes take over. We are completely out of routine, my washing pile is enormous and my fridge has been filed and emptied more times than I can possibly count, but I feel really content and happy and relaxed, more so than I have in ages. 

My three little ladies love each other so much, they are the best of friends and just brilliant company for each other. We have laughed so much and loved so much and cuddled so much and enjoyed not having to rush so much. We will be very much aware of Miss Boo's absence when she starts school and I'm sure she'll be greeted with gusto at 3:15 when we collect her by her little sisters.

5 days a week all in a row of her being elsewhere feels like a lot. It will be the longest stretch of time I've had away from her since she was born, it's really, really hard to let go of that but I know I have to let her fly. I'm looking forward to feeling less torn though and going to some baby and toddler groups with Miss Tibs  and Miss Dot which we haven't really been to for a while as Miss Boo, although only four and a half had very much outgrown them. This is where the 18 month age gap between the little two comes into it's own, being close in age means they enjoy similar things. Miss Tibs will be going to playschool on Mondays all day leaving me with just Miss Dot for one day a week. Her Monday naptimes will become my most productive 2 hours of the week again and I may even be able to get Miss Tibs to nap too during the rest of the week. 

It will take us a while to find our new normal and settle in, which i guess is what we have done over the summer. We have well and truly established our vibe which is perhaps partly why I am reluctant for it to end. I am determined that these last few days of summer will be relaxed and special and even during the trickier moments we'll just enjoy being together as we are, my 3 little ladies and me.

Me X

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