5 October 2016

Bedtime with Tuck n' Snug

As a mum to three under five I am woken most nights, be it bad dreams, for a drink, help to the toilet, teething or just for a cuddle. More often than not though it is because my wriggly little ladies covers have come off... Understandably in their sleepy states and being so young they aren't yet able to tuck themselves back in. With the colder nights drawing in they wake because they are a bit chilly having kicked their covers off.  I always check the girls before I go to bed and give them an extra kiss. Here is how I usually find Miss Boo and Miss Tib's:

Miss Boo loves to be tucked in but always kicks her covers off
Miss Tibs is such a little wriggler and having recently moved into a bed sometimes falls out with her covers
I tuck them back in before they inevitably wake and shout to tell me their covers have fallen off, Miss Boo is a particular fan of being 'tucked in', it makes her feel safe and secure and Miss Tibs has been known to tumble out of bed with her covers. I'm sure this is a familiar scene in many households with children. You can imagine my delight when I discovered a new concept in children's bedding - the Tuck n' Snug  - designed to keep children snugly tucked in for a good nights sleep all round. The bedding was designed by mum Annabel who wanted to solve this problem for children and their parents. The result is an extremely effective, high quality, stylish product which we have put to the test over the last few nights. 

5 Things I love about the Tuck n' Snug:

1. It really works, the little ladies duvets stayed in place all night; there is still plenty of wriggle room and they can get in and out easily without untucking the duvet 

Tuck n Snug
Miss Tib's snuggled up in 'Night Time Numbers' at nap time
2. They are gorgeously soft 100% cotton and made in the UK, the quality of the product really shows and with a 200 thread count it's bedding that i'd like to climb into myself.  It's also 'Easy Care' washable meaning it can go straight from the wash to the bed without ironing!

Tuck n Snug
'Animal Antics' on Miss Boo's bed
3. It is surprisingly easy to put on the bed, you simply put in the pillow and duvet into the covers as you normally would and then secure them in place using the panels as below. I really like that once the pillow and duvet are on the bed you can't see the panels:

Tuck n snug
Easy as A, B, C 
4. The designs on the bedding itself are lovely. We chose the 'Animal Antics' and the 'Night Time Numbers' options which really compliment each other beautifully, something that is important to me as Miss Boo and Miss Tibs share a room. The little ladies really love the designs too, particularly as they are learning numbers and letters and they really enjoy spotting all the different illustrations.  

Tuck n snug
The designs complement each other beautifully in the room the little ladies share together
5. It's made by a mum who has provided a solution to a very relatable problem. It comes in toddler bed and single bed size so your children can be snugly tucked in for as long as they want or need to be.

The girls were so excited to climb into bed and put their Tuck n' Snugs to the test. Here's a little video of what they thought and how we got on:

Wishing you and your littles a lovely night's sleep.

Me x

* You can view the whole range on the Tuck n' Snug website *

This post has been written in collaboration with Tuck n Snug. 
All the opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. My Sophia (2 years old) could do with one of these blankets - she always wakes in the night wanting to be tucked in. Such a lovely review video, your girls are just too cute! X


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