9 October 2016

Collecting Conkers and what to do with them all

The little ladies absolutely love collecting conkers. There's something so delightful about finding them nestled in the grass or still in their cases. They relish jumping on them to release the treasure hiding inside. There is nothing nicer on a sunny autumn day than taking a walk to find a chestnut tree and watching them explore and fill their baskets with them. 

beautiful autumn conkers
Just some of this years collection.
collecting conkers
Miss Boo and Miss Tibs comparing their collections
The joy on their faces as they find one is just gorgeous. There's something so lovely about a conker, they feel amazing, have such a beautiful colour and are a real autumnal gem. We have been on several of these treasure finding expeditions over the last few weeks and as a result have hundreds of conkers at home. 

Miss Boo collecting conkers this Autumn

The question is when you get home with your conkers what on earth do you do with them all? Conkers actually provide hours of fun. We've created an autumn exploration station for the girls to play with them, adding in leaves, pine cones and beech nut cases. The little ladies have counted them, made letter shapes with them, smiley faces and flowers. They have scooped them and poured them, and make believe cooked with them.  

sensory play with conkers
Our conker exploration station

Pinterest also has some wonderful ideas of what you can do with your conker haul and I've added them to my Autumn board on Pinterest: 

I must get around to making that heart shaped conker wreath for the door....

I've also found some brilliant inspiration of what to do with our collection via Instagram. Look at these amazing ideas by @MummyRux who has kindly given me permission to share them with you: 

things to do with conkers
Conker ideas by @mummyrux via Instagram

I LOVE the clay snails and would never have thought of the conker paint rolling. Also such a lovely idea to explore books in a tactile way - thank you so much for the ideas Victoria.

I hope that's given you a bit of inspiration if like us you have a rather large (and in our case, still growing) conker collection. I'd love to hear any other ideas you might have, just let me know in the comments below.

Me x


  1. I've heard that putting them on windowsills keeps spiders at bay too! x

  2. Love that conker exploration station!

  3. Gorgeous photos, I just love these Autumn days - nothing better is there?! I love your conker exploration station, I will have to try this with the girls! They have been pretending to cook their conkers in their play kitchen up to now using their little pots and pans. I love Mummyrux's ideas too, the clay snails are brilliant!


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