1 October 2016

Me And Mine Project - September 2016

We've been joining in with the Me And Mine Project since January this year over on Instagram. It's a wonderful project initiated by Lucy at 'Dear Beautiful', a fellow blogger and mum of three which involves making sure you take at least one photo each month of you and yours. It's something I've absolutely loved being a part of and looking back on the 9 photos we have contributed i'm so glad we got involved. I thought i'd start sharing our 'Me And Mine' captures on the blog with you at the end of each month along with a little bit about what we have been up to that month so you can get to know us better. Here's our September capture:

This September has been truly beautiful, we have had to navigate a lot of change and find our new normal but the sunshine and being able to get outside in the fresh air has helped a lot with that. Miss Boo started school at the beginning of the month, Miss Tib's went off to play school two mornings a week without her big sister by her side and I stopped breastfeeding Miss Dot. We've picked blackberries, fed ducks, and this last week collected conkers together one sunny Autumnal afternoon after school. This was the perfect way to end the month and my favourite bit of family time which is why i've chosen it as my Me And Mine capture for September. Thank you to my little brother for capturing us all in the frame, it's not a easy task!

I love that at the end of the year we will have 12 family photographs with all five of us together. I adore taking pictures of the girls as you have probably gathered if you follow me over on Instagram but agree wholeheartedly with Lucy at Dear Beautiful that it's so important to get in the frame with them and this project ensures we do just that.

Why not join in too? You Don't have to be a blogger to take part you can share your monthly family snaps on Instagram using the hashtag #meandmineproject . I've found some of my favourite Instagram accounts through this hashtag and I love seeing everyone's photos each month. There is also a lovely, friendly Me And Mine Project Facebook Page for the project if that's your preferred social media platform where you can share your photos too.

I hope you enjoy our Me And Mine Project contributions going forward and I look forward to seeing you and yours!

Me x

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Such a lovely autumnal photo. And I agree, having these photos for this project is something I treasure each and every month x

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  3. Such a lovely photo of you all. We were a little late joining in this month but was glad to get one as like you say it is lovely having 12 pics over the year to see how much everyone has changed! Xx

  4. Lovely photo! I love joining in this linky too - it's just a pain when you get to the end of the month and have forgotten to take a lovely photo so end up with one in the garden....again! x

  5. All they are all adorable. Look at those smiles and coordinating outfits. I always wanted a bunch of girls. I think it's because I am from all boys in my family. What a beautiful capture. #meandmineproject


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