24 November 2016

Imaginative play with The Entertainer

The little ladies are really engaged in imaginative role play at the moment. Led by Miss Boo they will play for a good hour playing mums and dads or more recently, vets. They take their cuddly dogs for a walk around the house, brush them and take them for a check up. They would love a dog but with 3 children under 5 I feel I have enough to manage at the moment so for now they will have to make do with make believe. 

Addo Pitter Patter Pets Busy Little Hamster, Bright Eyes Pet Owl,
Animagic Ruby & Lottie Dogs
They were thrilled when these interactive pets from The Entertainer arrived. When I asked the little ladies which one was their favourite they said "all of them"and they couldn't  wait to get them out the box and play with them. They would all make such lovely gifts for little animal lovers this Christmas.

We really love these interactive Ruby and Lottie dogs from Animagic. They come as a mum and pup pair. The little ladies decided that they puppy would be called Lottie as Miss Dot is actually called Lottie. When you stroke their backs they wake up and bark and pant which the girls thought was brilliant. Their hearts glow pink when they are happy and together and blue when they are apart and sad. You simply match the stitched hearts on their feet together for them to glow pink and separate them which turns them blue. 

Miss Dot with Ruby & Lottie

The girls really emotionally engaged with this and did all they could to keep their new dogs happy. They have been to 'the vets' and led around the house on a bit of ribbon and shared lots of cuddles. They are really lovely and soft, the girls have really warmed to them and wanted to take them to bed. Rather wonderfully there is a hidden off button to stop them barking and crying and if they are unplayed with for 30 seconds then they automatically go into 'sleep' mode. They take 3AAA batteries which were included which is always a plus on Christmas morning meaning they can be played with straight out the box.

Ruby & Lottie are lovely and cuddly

Blip Toys Bright Eyes Pets

There are 4 different pets to collect, Rosy the cat, Twinkle the puppy, Tiny the elephant and Breeze the owl. We are the proud owners of a pet owl and the little ladies are absolutely amazed by it. His eyes light up and it makes super cute twit -twoo sounds. Interaction through touch brings the pet to life, you simply pat it on the head and it's eyes animate and blink as he snores and giggles. The eyes are very realistic and the girls really enjoy interacting with it. It has a mute button for silent bedtime play, where his eyes light up but without sounds making him a lovely bedtime pal. He comes with 3 AAA batteries so he's ready to play with as soon as he's out the box.

Breeze the Owl

Miss Tib's was fascinated by his interactive eyes

And he's also very cuddly!

Addo Pitter Patter Pets - Busy Little Hamster

You can't help but find this toy cute. It encourages nurture, imagination, and movement as he scoots around in his little exercise ball. He can run around with or without his ball just by switching him on with the switch on his tummy. The girls thought it was so funny watching him scuttle around. He moves in a very life like way and when he bumps into things he changes direction. We have called him 'Samuel'. Samuel brings us all the joy of having a hamster but without the hutch to clean out. He's really lovely and would make a fantastic stocking filler or birthday party gift. He requires 1 x AAA battery which isn't included so make sure you have one in stock.

Meet 'Samuel' our busy little Hamster

Miss Boo putting Samuel in his exercise ball for a run around

He's very cute!

The little ladies absolutely love their new pets and have played with them for hours. Being interactive they have so much play value and really spark their imaginations. The Entertainer have so many wonderful toys in their collection and at fantastic prices. I'd really recommend taking a peek at their website as they have lots of fab deals on at the moment to help you with your Christmas shopping. I hope this post has given you some inspiration if you are stuck for ideas for your little ones.

Me x

21 November 2016

3 little ladies and me is one!

A year ago today I nervously pressed publish on my first blog post. Since then I have published 79 other posts about our adventures, the things we love and my musings on motherhood. I truly love my little corner of the internet, it's been wonderful in so many ways.

Over the last year it's provided an outlet for my thoughts, somewhere to store and treasure my memories and encouraged me to use my very tired brain and learn a new skill. I have grown and developed my blog all by myself and feel really proud of that. I never really expected anyone to read it other than my mum and the fact that lots of you do is just amazing. I hope that my posts are useful and that you can relate to them. I'll never forget the first time someone emailed me to tell me they enjoyed reading my posts on life with my girls and thanked me for my honesty. Honesty is something you'll always find here, particularly when it comes to motherhood, because after all we are all in this together and if me being honest helps someone else then that's great.

Blogging has introduced me to a whole amazing community I didn't know existed this time last year. The blogging community is so friendly, welcoming and helpful. There are thousands of people tapping away at their keyboards out there and I never known a group of people to champion each other more. I have learnt so much from other bloggers such as Aby from You Baby Me Mummy who has hundreds of helpful 'blogging how to' posts and vlogs. I've also loved linking up with Katy from Hot Pink Wellingtons and Laura from Dear Bear and Beany for their weekly 'Sharing the blog love' and have been so proud to have had my posts featured in their weekly showcase. I've also proudly contributed to the Selfish Mother Blogzine and charity Kicks Count blog. I attended my first blogging conference in September - 'FunFest' - which I took the girls along to. It was amazing to hear more seasoned bloggers like Honest Mum speak and I came away feeling really inspired.

Since starting my blog I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some wonderful brands and visit some brilliant places. I love sharing reviews of days out with you all as well as featuring products that make life easier for parents or that the little ladies love and I'm looking forward to some exciting partnerships in the New Year. Please do get in touch if you'd like to work with us.

Thank you all so much for reading my little blog and for taking the time to comment on my posts here or on social media, it really does mean the world to me. As many of my regular readers will know, I have returned to work this week after a 5 year break at home with the little ladies but will be continuing to write my blog. If there is anything you'd like me to write about please do just let me know as I like to write content that's of interest to you.

I hope you enjoy the little peek into our lives as I share my experiences with you. I'm off for a slice of celebratory blog-anniversary cake and a glass of something fizzy.

Me x

Little Ladies Review: Disney On Ice Presents Frozen

Last weekend we went to see Frozen on Ice, the latest production from Disney on Ice and it did not disappoint. The little ladies absolutely love Frozen and were so excited to see one of their favourite Disney movies brought to life on the ice.

Mini Elsa ready for frozen on ice
Miss Boo in her Elsa Dress before the show

There is no better Disney film for a Disney on Ice show, being mostly about snow and ice it translates beautifully into an ice skating performance. The show is opened by a Fit to Dance warm up act which the girls really enjoyed joining in with and they were so delighted when Minnie and Mickey Mouse made an appearance to begin the story. Their little faces lit up as Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Goofy, Donald and Woody and Buzz joined them for an amazing introduction of what to expect from a Disney on Ice show.

Disney on ice presents frozen
The opening of the show with Disney's finest characters

The performers really engage with the audience waving to the crowd and performing to all sides. There were 4 platforms around the edge of the ice which the performers regularly go to so that everyone gets to see their favourite characters. The wonder on the little faces was enough to make me well up as a parent.

Little Anna watching frozen on ice and waving to her favourite characters
Miss Tibs waving at the characters
Everything about the show is spectacular, the skill of the performers is amazing and the little ladies were in complete awe at the characters dancing and twirling on the ice. The set, lighting and special effects are dazzling and really take you to Arendelle, the North Mountain and Elsa's Ice Palace.
The costumes and choreography are incredible particularly Sven the reindeer which the little ladies thought was hilarious along with Olaf.

Sven, Anna and Kristoff

Disney on Ice  frozen show Anna and Olaf
Anna and Olaf (Image Credit Disney on Ice)

The show features all the songs from the film and the girls sang along at the top of their voices and danced along which was just so lovely to watch. I kept looking at their little faces throughout the performance and it was just magical. They just couldn't believe they were watching Elsa and Anna and all their friends and completely immersed themselves in the experience.

Elsa disney on ice frozen show
Elsa's 'Let it go' performance (Image Credit Disney on Ice)

There are too many favourite bits to mention and there are surprises that I don't want to spoil but one of the most impressive parts for me and the girl's favourite bit was Elsa's show stopping performance of 'let it go'. The whole arena was singing along and with snow falling it was truly magical watching Elsa glide along the ice. One of my favourite scenes was when Anna and Kristoff visit the trolls after Elsa accidentally strikes her with her ice magic, there was so much colour and 'fixer upper' is such a fun number.

The trolls performing fixer upper from frozen disney on ice
The Trolls 

Although cold in the arena (Oli and I had coats and bobble hats on which I'd recommend you take!) the girls didn't feel the cold and wore their Anna and Elsa dresses for the show. They even ate ice cream during the interval which seemed really fitting with the Frozen theme. 

Frozen on ice
Miss Boo and Miss Tibs during the interval
The show was 2 hours long with a 15 minute interval and age 4 and 2 Miss Boo and Miss Tibs sat captivated the whole way through. As an adult it was equally amazing to watch and Oli and I both loved it too.

This was our first Disney on Ice experience and we thought it was fantastic. I'd recommend it without hesitation to any little or grown up Disney fans. It was such a lovely thing to do as a family, particularly in the lead up to Christmas. The show is touring the UK until the end of December and there are still tickets available, for more information visit the Disney on Ice website.

*This is a collaborative post. We were kindly provided with tickets to the show in exchange for an honest review.
 All opinions in this post are my own.*

17 November 2016

All I want for Christmas... Women's gift ideas

I thought I'd share the things that are on my Christmas wish list this year in case you are looking for some gift inspiration for the women in your life, or ladies you can send it on to your friends and family for a not so subtle hint or even treat yourself!

First on my list is this navy Winging It Jumper from Selfish Mother. I am the very proud owner of a 'Mother' sweatshirt which I wear whenever it's not in the wash and it's so super soft and comfy. I love the slogan of this sweatshirt because quite frankly we are all just winging it aren't we? Best of all £10 from the sale of this sweatshirt goes to KIDS CHARITY UK.

winging it sweatshirt from selfish mother
Image Credit: Selfish Mother

I also love this 'Raising The Future' T-shirt from Mere Soeur  because parenting is exactly that and the most important thing you'll ever do. They also do a 'The Future' t shirt for your little's which I think is brilliant.

Raising the future t shirt from Mere Soeur
Image Credit: Mere Soeur

I'm finding that recently I have needed an actual handbag more rather than just my nappy bag or rucksack. All my handbags are very old and dusty and I'd love a new one. I'm really into grey at the moment and adore this Charcoal Mini Leather Handbag from Cath Kidston, it will go with everything... and I just love Cath Kidston so in fact anything from there is a winner!

Cath Kidston Charcoal Leather Handbag
Image Credit: Cath Kidston

I'm also slowly but surely regaining some kind of evening social life and love these 'Perfect Pouch' clutch bags from Katie Loxton, the only thing is deciding which one to go for... at £15.99 I could probably have a couple to go with different outfits.

Katie Loxton Perfect Pouch Clutch Bag
Image Credit: Katie Loxton

Miss Dior is my all time favourite perfume and I've nearly run out. I wore it on my wedding day and have worn it pretty much every day since. Perfume is such a lovely gift and lasts ages, I don't think you can go wrong with it.

Miss Dior Perfume
Image Credit: John Lewis

I've really got into baking over the last few years and whilst I have a very trusty mixer which my dad bought me I have lusted over a Kitchen Aid for ages. At £400 plus I'm not sure i've been good enough for Santa to bring me one of these this year...

Ivory Kitchen Aid
Image Credit: John Lewis

I've started collecting Emma Bridgewater and am hoping to replace all my very boring plain white chipped plates and bowls which I've had forever with the Polka Dot Pattern range. I have Mummy and Daddy and Mr and Mrs mugs which I got in the outlet, I like a bit of non perfect but I honestly couldn't tell you what was wrong with them. I think Emma Bridgewater pottery makes such a lovely gift.

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Collection
Image Credit: Emma Bridgewater

Last but by no means least is this 'Dream Big Linen Notepad' from Paperchase. I love a bit of stationary and there is nothing like getting organised in the New Year and writing down your hopes and dreams/ epic to do lists in something pretty.

Paper chase Dream Big Notepad
Image Credit: Paperchase

I hope that's given you some ideas and inspiration. I'd love to know what's on your wish list this year, do let me know in the comments below and happy shopping!

Me x

15 November 2016

Cordless cleaning with Vax

As a mum to three children under 5 I'm all about things that make life easier for parents. Young children inevitably bring with them lots of mess whether it's toast crumbs on the sofa, sand from the sandpit that has been brought inside or breadsticks trodden into the carpet and I find myself having to vacuum on a daily basis. 

snack time usually means crumbs to vacuum

Our old vacuum cleaner is cumbersome, heavy and an absolute pain to get out and clean with and quite frankly no longer up to the job. One of Miss Dot's favourite things to do is follow me around whilst I'm vacuuming pressing the off button which is extremely infuriating and makes a quick clean up take triple the amount of time. Whilst following me around turning the vacuum on and off she also stumbles over and gets caught in the flex which is far from ideal so I decided to send our vacuum cleaner into retirement and look into a cordless option. 

The first place I looked was Vax. Vax is the UK's best-selling floor care brand and the only floor care specialist to offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaners, upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, cordless, steam and hard floor cleaners so it was no surprise that I found a solution that ticked all the boxes. Let me introduce you to my new best friend, the Vax Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner :

va air cordless lift vacuum cleaner

I am no domestic goddess and never thought I could get excited about a vacuum cleaner but this one is a complete game changer. Here are 10 reasons why I absolutely love it and wish I'd made the switch to cordless sooner.

1. It provides convenient and effortless cleaning without compromising on the power I'd been used to with a normal vacuum cleaner but is completely cordless, meaning I can vacuum the whole house without the restrictions of a cable or having to plug it in. The freedom this gives me is amazing and it's taken the stress and the hazard out of this daily job for me.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner

2. It's very slimline and ultra lightweight (only 5.1kg) meaning it's really easy to store under the stairs ready to grab and use as and when I need to. It's really easy to manoeuvre and push and move around objects like table legs and chairs meaning I can get the job done quickly and effectively getting to all those hard to reach places.

3. It cleans both carpets and hard floors really effectively. At the touch of a button you can switch between surfaces. We have a mixture of carpet, tile and laminate flooring in our home and it cleans all 3 of these brilliantly. By simply pressing the brush roll button when you're vacuuming your carpets you can lift and remove embedded dirt with it's WindTunnel3 Technology which is as powerful as it sounds. You might think that being cordless it has less power but the suction is actually more powerful than my previous vacuum and I only have to look in the dirt storage cylinder to see what it's bringing up out of the carpet, it's collected dirt, fluff and dust that I didn't even know was there. 

vax air cordless lift vacuum cleaner

4. If you have a high traffic area like a hallway, or in our case a playroom then there is a handy boost button for extra suction which gives you more power. This does drain the battery quicker but that's not a problem if the spare is charged. Even with the boost button on it's much quieter than my old vacuum cleaner, I can hear the girls requests and knocks at the door for example.

Vax air cordless lift vacuum cleaner

5. Vax have thought of everything in terms of convenient cleaning. One of my hesitations about cordless cleaning was the thought of the battery running out half way through a clean and having to charge them. Vax include 2 x lithium life batteries in the box which mean you always have one on the vacuum and one ready to go. Once charged they deliver up to 60 minutes, slightly less if you are using the boost button a lot but I've been able to do the whole house a few times over before having to change the battery. The batteries are really easy to click on and off, charge and store and are really powerful.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner lithium life batteries

6. This Vacuum is like a 2 in 1. It has an ultra lightweight, lift out cylinder turning it into a handy hand vacuum which makes you feel like a member of the ghostbusters team - in a good way! This is perfect for doing the stairs, under the sofa cushions, picture rails, cobwebs, hard to reach corners and i've also taken ours out to the car. It has clever feet which mean you can set it down and it doesn't fall over, every detail of this vacuum has been so very thought through.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner

7. It comes withe extra tools for all those extra jobs that you need your vacuum to do. In the box you will find 1 x bagless upright vacuum, 2 batteries, 1 charger, 1 reusable filter, a 2 in one tool, an Up top tool and multi-purpose tool.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner cleaning tools

8. The vacuum is bagless and super easy to empty. I like that the dirt and dust gathers in a clear cylinder, it's stuffing to see what you have removed from the floor. With a simple press of the button you click out the cylinder and empty the dirt straight into the bin. The filter is reusable and simply requires rinsing under the tap and drying regularly to maintain the vacuum cleaner.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner

9. One of the innovative features which I didn't even know I needed until I started using it is the
 built in LED headlights. The light means you are able to see more dust and dirt than ever before, making it easy it to navigate under and around furniture and in awkward spaces for example under the bench and table in my kitchen. Its also great for vacuuming in the evening in lower light.

Vax air cordless life vacuum cleaner LED headlight

10. This particular model comes with a 6 year guarantee! To me this is testimony to how fab this vacuum is and how reliable a machine it is. 

Vax make a whole range of cordless vacuums, if you're not looking to replace your main vacuum cleaner right now you could always go for their Cordless Slimvac Vacuum Cleaner which is perfect for those quick jobs.

The Vax Air cordless lift has definitely made life easier for me and I'm thrilled with it. It cleans really effectively and is so easy to use, there's no more tripping over the flex, taking up half the cupboard under the stairs or a clunky unit to drag around and best of all my carpets have never been cleaner because I love using it.

Me x

12 November 2016

Christmas Shopping Made Simple

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I usually get started around now so I thought I'd share with you how I shop for the little ladies at Christmas. I like to get them the same amount of presents to open, which are similar, yet tailor them to each child's interests and personalities. I also like to get them a variety of things that will be used and not just take up space in the playroom.  I use this simple method and it worked brilliantly last year helping me shop smart with happy little ladies on Christmas morning:

Simple Christmas present buying guide

1. Something to read
The little ladies love books and are always pleased to add new ones to the collection so I make sure there are a few in each pile.

2. Something to cuddle 
We always have something cuddly poking out the top of their stockings, they love to take their new buddy to bed with them on Christmas day.

3. Something to build
It's really nice to have a little project to do on Christmas day or over the Christmas period so I like to include something like Lego or Duplo so the girls have something to build.

4. Something to wear
The little ladies love a party dress so we always get them a dress to wear on Christmas Day, matching if I can.

5. Something they need
There is always something they need like good old pants and socks, hats, gloves, scarves or PJ's which make lovely gifts. Fun table wear such as cups or drinks bottles always go down well.

6. Something to play imaginatively with
The girls favourite toys are the ones that encourage imaginative play like Playmobil, a doll, play figures or items for their play kitchen and shop. They love to collect things like this and adding to an existing collection means there is usually a space for it when everything gets tidied away after Christmas.

7. Something to get creative with
The little ladies love making and sticking, they have a free access art area in their playroom which does mean we get through vast amounts of pens, paper and stickers.  Tiger and Paperchase are my go to places for cute notepads and sticker sheets.

8. Something that is a treat
The girls get so excited by novelty chocolate like a big chocolate reindeer or snowman, a chocolate variety box and a bag of chocolate coins is always a winner too!

9. Something to play with
A game or puzzle is a really nice addition to the present pile as it's something we can play together as a family.

10. Something to watch 
The little ladies are really into Disney movies in a big way and there are always ones to add to the collection, it's lovely for them to be able to watch their favourites whenever they like and is a great excuse (as if you need one!) to snuggle up on the sofa for some much needed quiet time over the busy Christmas period.

11. Something for the bath
Bath toys are great stocking fillers and something that always need replacing, the girls enjoy having something new and exciting to take in the tub.

12. Something they have asked for 
We always write a Christmas list to Santa and the girls can choose one thing each or more if we are stuck for ideas. That way the magic is there but also the lovely surprise as they un-wrap things they weren't expecting making it super exciting especially as Santa seems to know them so well :)

I hope that helps you if you're planning your Christmas shopping. I find it keeps me really focused and stops me spending an absolute fortune too and means that all the gifts are played with, used and appreciated. Let me know if you have any top tips for Christmas shopping in the comments below.

Me x

9 November 2016

Disney Frozen On Ice

The little ladies absolutely love Frozen, there is rarely a day that goes by that we don't have the soundtrack blaring out in the car with them signing 'let it go' at the top of their voices. They have Elsa and Anna dolls, Elsa and Anna costumes and of course love to watch the movie over and over again.

Disney Frozen on Ice show elsa and anna
Elsa and Anna - image courtesy of Disney on Ice
We are super excited to be taking the girls to see the Disney Frozen On Ice spectacular this month at the Motor Point Arena in Nottingham. I don't think there could be a more fitting tale brought to life on the ice, it promises to be totally magical and I know they will love every minute of it.

Disney frozen on ice elsa skating
Elsa creating magic on the ice - image courtesy of Disney on Ice
The little ladies love the magic of Disney and are at an age when their imagination runs away with them and they totally immerse themselves in it. Our trip to Disneyland Paris earlier this year was incredible and the looks on their faces as they saw their favourite princesses and watched the shows there are something I will always treasure. I'm really looking forward to seeing the wonder on their faces as they watch the show. The ice rink will be transformed into Arendelle and we'll get to see Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven and sing and dance along to the films hit songs as they tell the full story.

Disney frozen on ice show anna skating
Anna leaping through the air - image courtesy of Disney on Ice
As if that isn't enough the show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie mouse and they will be special appearances from Disney princesses and characters from all time favourites such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Lion King. The little ladies know we are going to see Frozen on Ice but I think I'll keep these special appearances quiet as they'll be a wonderful surprise for them. There's also a warm up for the show and the opportunity to learn the snowman dance. The girls will love this as they like nothing more than to sing and dance together and I think it will really help them engage with the performance and build on their excitement, which I'm sure we'll know about the whole way there in the car!

Disney Frozen on ice show olaf
Olaf with his hit number 'In Summer' - image courtesy of Disney on Ice

We're taking the girls for a early birthday treat for Miss Boo as her birthday is December but it would also make such a wonderful end of term or Christmas treat too. The production is touring the country  until the end of December.  There are still tickets available, you can catch it from:

  • 11 - 13th November at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin
  • 16 - 20th November at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham
  • 24 - 27th November at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow
  • 30th November - 4th December at the Liverpool Echo Arena
  • 7 - 11th December at the GE Oil and Gas Arena
  • 14th - 18th December at Sheffield Arena
  • 21 - 30th at the O2 in London

We're going to let the girls wear their princess dresses to the show so they feel part of it and I can't wait to take my little Elsa and Anna to see their favourite Disney sisters. It will be such a special treat and hopefully it will be something they'll remember for a long time to come. We'll be reporting back with a full review of our experience following the show so watch this space.

Have you been to a Disney On Ice show before? I'd love to know what you thought, please let me know in the comments below.

You can find out more and book your tickets HERE

Me x

8 November 2016

Child friendly bathrooms with Mommy's Helper

The little ladies have a bath every evening after tea, at the moment they all go in the tub together. At least 4 nights a week I do bath time on my own so we have a system in place to ensure minimal chaos. I thought I'd share some of the things that keep us organised so everything is easily to hand and keep our bathroom child friendly with a little bit of help from the Froggie collection from Mommy's Helper.

The girls absolutely love bath time, they would spend hours in there if they could, in fact I often top up the bath with more warm water so they can stay in just a bit longer.  For this reason we have a lot of bath toys, the girls are in their element pouring water and playing with the little characters we have, making bubble cakes and splashing each other... and me. 

Mommys Helper Froggie Bath tub toy organiser

This Tidy Tub Toy Bag is brilliant, bright and cheerful it sticks to tiles or any other smooth flat surface using suction cups. It's a good size 14'' x 15'' so comfortably houses all our bath toys. I love that it's mildew resistant too which can be a problem in bathrooms, it's also machine washable which is great. It comes with a lovely little frog bath toy too which I thought was a really nice touch. It's easy to get the toys in and out which is important when there are 3 little ladies scrabbling around to find their favourites and for me when it comes to scooping them all up and tidying them away when bath time has finished.

Mommys helper bath toy organiser

Miss Tibs and Miss Boo take much delight in sliding around in the tub but Miss Dot still needs a bathmat. The Mommy's Helper Froggie Bathmat rather handily only takes up a third of our bath so it's great just for putting at one end for her. It's a really fun design made from soft rubber for comfort on sensitive little bottoms. It has suction pads on the reverse to hold it in place and is non slip keeping Miss Dot safely sat upright when she's in the bath.

Mommys helper frog bath mat

One of Miss Dot's favourite things to do in the world is clean her teeth, I'm not joking! Straight after her bath she points and shouts to her toothbrush. Miss Boo and Miss Tib's are a little less keen on teeth cleaning and take quite a bit of convincing. They do however love getting their toothbrushes from their Mommys Helper Frog and Duck Toothbrush Holders and putting them back again. We used to have a lovely ceramic pot of all our toothbrushes but it was knocked off the side in haste and broke all over the bathroom floor which wasn't ideal so these are a much better alternative. I think they are really fun and if it helps encourage the girls to clean their teeth then even better. They'd actually make a cute little stocking filler.

frog and duck toothbrush holder

At some point during bath time someone inevitably needs to get out to go to the toilet, I do try to get them to go before they get in but you know how it goes! I really like this Froggie Traveller Potty Seat. It's padded and thickly cushioned for comfort and safety and fits standard and most elongated toilet seats. The underside has brackets to stop it from sliding so it stays in place well. It's easy to wipe down and keep clean too, something you'll know is important if you've used anything like it before. If not add it to your potty training essentials.

mommys helper toddler toilet seat

I also like that it folds up and is very compact. It comes with a handy bag which is washable so you can take it out and about with you. It's great for travelling with; we recently took it on holiday with us and also take it if we're heading out somewhere for the day to save having to balance a toddler on a loo seat. The froggy design makes it appealing to the girls and they are keen to sit on it.

mommys helper toddler travel toilet seat

Once the girls are all clean and splashed out we get out the bath and ready for bed with everything all tidied away and ready for the next day of bath time fun. I like these products because they make life easier for me, they are bright and cheerful, look great and all co-ordinate and really help make our bathroom child friendly.

If you would like to make your bathroom more child friendly all these Mommy's Helper products are available on Amazon and are distributed by Ardega Nursery Distribution.

Wishing you a happy, splashy bath time.

Me x

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ardega Nursery Ltd. 
I was also sent the Mommy's Helper products for the purpose of this review.
All views and opinions are my own*

6 November 2016

Creative Storytelling 'Whatever Next'

The little ladies really enjoy books. They are something which we have integrated into their day since they were babies. I think reading with your children and getting them to engage with books and use their imagination is really important. The girls each choose a bedtime story each night and we also read to them in the day as and when they bring us books or for a bit of quiet time. We also visit the library once a fortnight and come home with far more books than I can carry. I love their passion for books though and have been looking for ways to encourage their love of books further.  I thought I'd share how we have been getting creative with our storytelling with one of our favourite books, 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.

creative storytelling whatever next jill murphy

Whatever Next is a timeless classic and one I enjoyed as a child also. It's the perfect book to get creative with to encourage your child to engage in the story. If you haven't read 'Whatever Next' it's the story of a young bear who takes a trip to the moon using a card box box for a rocket just before bath time.

one of our favourite childrens books whatever next

We started by looking at the book together with a bear and then put together all the different elements we needed to tell the story creatively. found an old cardboard box and Phoebe spent ages colouring it in and adding stickers to her 'rocket'

cardboard box rocket to go to the moon

Next Phoebe found her 'space boots' (wellies) and we looked in the kitchen together for a 'space helmet' (colander).

a cardboard box rocket, moon boots and space helmet

We then found a cuddly owl, a friend that baby bear meets on this travels, but you could draw and colour one in if you don't have one. Creative storytelling is all about using things that you have or making things to tell the story with so there is plenty of room for creative licence as long as it makes sense and helps your child understand the story. We raided the play kitchen for picnic food but you could use real food if you wanted too and have an actual moon picnic.

whatever next picnic on the moon

Once we had everything ready we then sat and told the story together, I encouraged Phoebe to find the relevant props as I read the words. As soon as we reached the end she wanted to do it again. She can now proudly re tell the story with these props and frequently chooses the book from the reading corner. Lottie was keen to get involved too and found the whole thing very exciting, in fact she hardly got out of the box!

creative storytelling whatever next jill murphy

It was a really lovely activity to share together and really very simple. You can do this activity with any book.

I'd love to hear which books are your little one's favourites or which ones you'd like to try and creatively tell. We're going to try 'The Tiger That Came To Tea' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' next.

Me x

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