15 April 2016

Chemical Free Cleaning with E Cloth

I've always felt uncomfortable about chemicals around the little ladies and cleaning with them when they are around.  As a result mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom or polishing the windows and dusting the surfaces is something I usually spend my evenings doing or my valuable child free time when they pop out for a milkshake or something with their grandparents. This means that my jobs often mount up which is why I was delighted to discover E cloths products, a way to clean completely chemical free with JUST WATER, tackling grease, dirt and 99 percent of bacteria.

e cloth chemical free cleaning

After being fed up of the muddy footprints in my hallway since the arrival of Autumn when the little ladies bundle into the house on a wet day I picked up an e- cloth Deep Clean Mop from my local supermarket. In the past I've avoided mopping the floors around the little ladies because I was concerned about them breathing in the fumes or splashing around in the mop bucket along with the chemical residue left on the floor. Our floors have a hard time, split drinks, food chucked from high chairs, muddy puddle welly boots kicked off by the back door, the odd dare I say it 'accident' when someone leaves it too late to get to the toilet. Our new mop was certainly going to get a thorough road test...

muddy puddles and muddy footprints are no problem for the e cloth mop
Miss Tibs loves jumping in puddles which means lots of muddy footprints
The e - cloth Deep Clean Mop is so light weight and easy to assemble with an adjustable aluminium handle and a mop head that you simply attach to the bottom using the velcro strips after rinsing it under the tap. The mop head's special fibres break up and hold grease and dirt which other mops leave behind.  I was able to mop the floors in a matter of minutes with very little effort, it was so effective. It has a very small footprint and is great for grabbing and mopping up any of the afore mentioned misdemeanours.  I realise I have well and truly hit my thirties getting so excited about a mop but it really is fantastic and left my floors sparkling, I was keen to try more E cloth products as a result.

There are some things that you have to clean when your children are present, I have lost count of how many times a day I wipe down the high chair and kitchen surfaces with antibacterial spray for example.
I'm now able to wipe down Miss Dot's high chair chemical free
 E cloth have a cloth for everything and I love their Home Cleaning Set which includes:
  • 1 x Bathroom cloth - the extra long fibres are ideal for all bathroom surfaces, including baths, shower screens, basins, tiles and taps. I cleaned the bathroom while the little ladies were in the bath the other day completely chemical free! Talk about multitasking :)
  • 1 x Kitchen Cloth - removes grease, dirt and bacteria from worktops, sinks and appliances, with a scrubbing pocket to remove stuck on dirt
  • 1 x Duster - its natural positive electrostatic charge lifts and traps dust and allergens
  • 1 x Window Cloth - removes dirt and grime from windows and frames
  • 2 x Glass & Polishing Cloth  -  for a streak - free finish on glass and and all shiny surfaces
  • 1 x Hob and Oven Cloth - the scrubbing side loosens stuck on dirt and the smooth side gives a sparkling finish
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Cloth - cleans brushed and polished stainless steel
The little ladies thought me cleaning the rest of the bathroom
while they were in the bath was very funny
After having all 3 little ladies at home for half term and being super busy having fun together the house has needed a deep clean. So this week I've been busy putting the 'Home Cleaning Set' to the test and I'm thrilled with the results.

Things I love about cleaning with E Cloths:
  • They use only water, no chemicals at all, meaning I can safely clean when my children are around
  • They really work! Effectively lifting and trapping grease and dirt as well as 99 percent of bacteria including e coli and lysteria. 
  • They provide a superior performance to my previous cleaning methods, providing a very thorough clean and I now have lots of space in my cupboard under the sink since ditching the chemicals.
  • They have a 300 wash guarantee, once you have finished cleaning you simply put them in the washing machine ready to use again
  • They save time and money - the average household spends £109 on cleaning materials,  meaning e cloths represent excellent value for money in my opinion
  • They are endorsed by Allergy UK
My favourite e - cloths are the Window and Glass Polishing Cloths. Our windows, patio doors, mirrors and don't tell daddy - the TV.... are covered daily in sticky fingerprints and hand prints as they point to cats walking through the garden or to their favourite characters on their programmes.

Miss Dot loves to stand at the patio doors and look out into the garden
I am not exaggerating when I say my windows and mirrors have never sparkled so much and daddy is none the wiser that the TV has been prodded.

 e cloth window cleaning
My favourite e - cloths
Cleaning with the cloths required very little elbow grease, all with just water and I was so happy with the results. The little ladies are even able to 'help' due to the fact we are now cleaning chemical free.

I'm all about things that make life easier for me as a mum in an effective and practical way and E cloths ticks all 3 of these boxes. Have you tried E Cloths? I'd love to hear from you if you have, please leave me a comment below. If not why not give them a go, you won't be disappointed.

Me x

The e cloth Deep Clean Mop retails for £19.99, you can also buy additional mop heads for it

The Home Cleaning Set retails for £34.99, you can also buy each item in the set individually. 

You can visit the e-cloth website to buy online or for more information.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with E Cloth. 
I was sent the Home Cleaning Set for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own*

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