31 December 2016

Me And Mine Project - Our Year In Review 2016

This year has flown by for us and I absolutely love that due to joining in with The Me and Mine Project I have 12 family photographs to remember 2016 by. I can't believe how much my little family has grown and changed, we have had so much fun together and made lots of memories to really treasure. It's also been an exhausting year with very little sleep, a year of lots of change with Miss Boo starting school and me returning to work after a 5 year break and just getting to grips with being a family of 5, but all in all a very happy one which i'm grateful for.

The highlight for me was our trip to Disneyland Paris, it was simply magical, something I will never forget and I really hope we can go again one day. Summer with my girls was just gorgeous and one i'll always remember; slow, lazy days exploring and adventuring in the sunshine together working our way through our summer bucket list. Taking the girls on the train to London on a whim to see James Bay was possibly slightly crazy but i'm really glad I did it. We explored lots of the UK with lovely family holidays to Centre Parcs and Scarborough and we took the girls to where we got engaged on Holkham beach in Norfolk on our wedding anniversary this year which was really special. We welcomed a new niece to the family and Oli's sister got married this October, two amazing things i'll remember about this year.

My highlights are not about the places we have been or the things we have done necessarily; just that we have experienced them together as a family. At the end of the day that's what it's all about, family - something that has been engrained in both Oli and I by our parents and grandparents and together we wholeheartedly embrace with our little ladies. Family time is, and remains paramount to our values and I feel that is what has been captured in our Me and Mine photos.

Here are our 12 months in pictures, they're not perfect, although they do improve slightly as the months go on and I've got the hang of capturing the 5 of us (or someone else has taken the picture!) but they are us, they are me, and mine who I love so dearly.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and all the best for 2017

Taryn, Oli & The Little Ladies xxxxx

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. Ahhh what gorgeous family captures. I love this project so much. Looking back at the end of the year is my most favorite part. Your little ones have grown and changes so much this pass year too. It's so beautiful to watch. Sounds like you had a good holiday. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject


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