16 January 2017

A Family Adventure with Micro Scooter

Family time is so important to us, with Oli working quite a few weekends our time together is really precious so we do our absolute best to do something fun together. We love to get outside, explore and have an adventure, this weekend we did just that, with a little help from Micro Scooter. 

Micro Scooter have a scooter for every single member of the family meaning mums and dads can get out and have some fun together with their children. It was something I had never considered doing but it was so much fun and really is the perfect way to spend some time together as a family. Wrapped up warm and helmets on we went to our local country park and scooted around together, the little ladies loved that Oli and I were scooting alongside them and it made such a pleasant change from running behind them. I can totally see why they love scooting, the wind in your face as you whizz down the path is a brilliant feeling and took me back to my childhood. We were able to explore much more of the country park than we would have by foot giving us such as sense of freedom and it was something that everyone enjoyed and could take at their own pace - even little Miss Dot.

The range that micro scooter offer is fantastic and the quality of the scooters themselves and the accessories is second to none. They are sturdy, lightweight, super easy to steer and look brilliant with their bright iconic design, especially as they can be customised with a great range of accessories -  we love the ribbons, windmills and helmets in particular.

The girls scooted back and forth for ages and loved navigating the little bridges and seeing how fast they could go. The two wheels at the front mean that it doesn't topple over and that it is reactive to the direction you lean and steer meaning that Miss Tibs and Miss Boo age almost 3 and 5 are able to confidently and safely whizz around with ease. The break is also easy for them to learn to use should they need to slow down to navigate turns, hills or other people on the path.

One of the things I love about having such a close age gap is that the girls often share the same interests, Miss Dot is so keen to follow in her sisters footsteps and is such a determined little soul. I'm so pleased that because Micro Scooter have thought of everything she was able to join in with our little adventure.

Although only 17 months she is learning to scoot on her Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe Scooter which is absolutely perfect for her to get started on. It comes with a little seat for her to sit and balance on like a ride on and a more toddler friendly handle. These can later be removed and changed to a standard scooter handle bar which comes as part of the set, so it is something that can really grow with her as she gets to grips with scooting and gets older as it's suitable from age 1 - 5.

We bought Miss Boo a Micro Scooter for her 3rd birthday and pretty much as soon as she could walk Miss Tib's has been desperate to scoot like her big sister. They have been really good about taking turns on it and sharing it but it was so lovely to see them scooting along together having a little race. Miss Tib's was in her absolute element.

She is now the proud owner of her very own Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter complete with ribbons and a name plate and couldn't be happier with it. The handlebar is adjustable so will grow with her and with the scooter designed for 2-5 year olds it's a great investment, especially as she is quite tiny so I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts her well beyond this. The joy on her face is so lovely to see and I think we'll be scooting anywhere we can if she has her way!

Miss Boo's first scooter was a Mini Micro Original Scooter and has been absolutely fantastic. However she seems to have had a bit of an overnight growth spurt and shot up all of a sudden. She was over the moon to move up to the next stage to a Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter aimed at children between 6-12 years old, but with a 70kg weight limit I think it's safe to say it will last her as long as she wants to scoot! 

She is delighted that she now has some scooting buddies to join her on her adventures and is already planning scooting expeditions into town for a milkshake with mummy or daddy. It must make a lovely change for her from me running behind her with the double buggy, fun is so much more fun when you're sharing it with others isn't it?

Scooting is absolutely not just for children and really is something the whole family can engage with. Oli and I were really surprised how much we loved it and as well as being a fun way to spend time with our children it's also great exercise. Being active is something that is really important to us as a family, being fit and healthy means we can keep up with the children and encourage them to exercise too. I was amazed at what great exercise scooting is and to learn that Micro Scooter have created a simple easy to follow fitness programme called Scootercise which you can just intergrate in to any journey you make on your scooter and that a brisk 10 minute scoot could burn off 160 calories - perfect for the school run!

The adult micro scooters fold down in half and the handle bars retract making it something that is really portable and practical to use. Oli's came with an integrated lock so he's planning on taking it on the train with him as part of his commute to London which will save him time on his 20 minute walk to work from the station once he is there. The fact that it's so compact and lightweight makes it easy to transport and they are an absolute joy to ride. I thought I might feel self conscious but I really didn't and we had lots of compliments about how lovely it was to see the whole family out and about on scooters.

We absolutely loved our family adventure together and would really recommend Micro Scooters for everyone in the family, we can't wait to take ours out again.

Me x

PS Don't forget to Scoot Safe when out and about on your own adventures.

*This post has been written in collaboration with Micro Scooter who kindly sent us some scooters to have a family adventure with. All thoughts and opinions in the post are my own*
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  1. I didn't even realise they do adult scooters - how brilliant! My daughter is a huge fan of scooters but we haven't got her one yet as we got her a bike... I bet she would love one of these, especially with ribbons! It looks like a fun family activity too #triedtested


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