9 January 2017

Goals and Resolutions for 2017

I'm not normally one for making New Year's resolutions, to be honest I have spent the last 5 years pretty much in a sleep deprived haze with my only goals being surviving and making sure my little ladies are happy. It feels like things are getting easier somehow and a sense of normality is slowly creeping in. I think it's probably that we have just found our new normal and that I've got used to the chaos, either way I feel like I can set some hopefully achievable hopes and dreams for the year ahead. I thought I'd check them again at the end of the year and see how many I met... So here they are, my goals and resolutions for 2017...

1. Clear the clutter
We have accumulated far too much 'stuff' and this year slowly but surely I am determined that we are going to have a clear out, giving us some much needed space and then be smarter with our storage. We have had a toy clear out and organised the playroom old clothes and piles of paper are next... before tackling the airing cupboard and under the beds... I'm aiming for one clutter clearing activity a month.

playroom storage
Our playroom

2. A monthly date night
Oli and I haven't had much time together recently but I've decided we are going to make an effort to go out together at least once a month whether its for a drink, to the cinema or for dinner and the ultimate goal is a night away for some much needed sleep and a lie in!

Oli and I out to lunch together in October

3. Some home and garden improvements
I'd like to give the whole house a lick of paint over the course of the year. We have lived in the house for 6 years now and it's definitely due one. Priorities are the kitchen, the hallway and the living rooms. We spend so much time in the garden in the Spring and Summer so I'd love to get garden ready with some new outdoor furniture, a playhouse for the girls and by replacing a fence panel or two. These are little luxuries that we haven't been able to consider while I haven't been working but things that will make it all feel worthwhile and more than ever make our house a home. The addition of our hall wall unit made such positive change to our home in 2016 in helping us get organised as we leave the house so smart storage is also high on the agenda.

Our fab Chedworth Unit from Garden Trading

4. To get fit, healthy and strong
A cliche, but I have come bottom of the pile for a long time and last year I realised in order to be the mother, wife, friend and daughter  I want to be I have to look after myself. That means time out, time to myself as well as fitness and eating well. I have survived on coffee and not much else for too long! I'm starting this by drinking more water and finding a yoga or Pilate's class to sign up to. I've realised that I can be a better mother and all the other things I want to be if I look after me better.

Me on my way to a spa day last year for a much needed rest

5. To continue to prioritise family time 
This is only last because it's something we already do quite well, but I want to make sure we schedule in dedicated time together just the 5 of us. We have booked a little holiday for May to a tree house in Somerset for 7 days of just being us. We will also renew our National Trust membership because there is nothing we love more than exploring new places or going on an adventure together. I also want to make sure that I schedule in one on one time with each of the girls, such treasured moments when we get them and I think hugely important. I absolutely loved being a part of the Me and Mine project this year and this is something we'll continue to do each month in 2017 to document our memories.

Our December Me & Mine Capture
I'm really excited for 2017, a year of 'just being' I think and enjoying the simple things in life. Have you set yourself some goals for the year ahead? I'd love to hear them if you have, leave me a comment below.

Me x

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