2 January 2017

Ideas for a fun and functional playroom

Last year we converted what used to be an office in our home into a Playroom for the girls. Overrun with toys and with nowhere really to put them I was keen to create a fun yet functional space for the little ladies to play in and regain some of the adult space in our home. I wanted it to be a room they loved, but one we loved too. Play and letting children be children is so important to me and something I am really passionate about, creating a space for them to do just that in was a really enjoyable DIY project.

After much pinning on Pinterest (which may well be how you have come across this post) I decided on the areas I wanted to include and divided the room into 3 main areas leaving play space in the middle. The corners of the room naturally lend themselves to creating little areas to explore. Here are the things I took into consideration when planning and designing the room:

1. Creating Functional Areas
I looked at the toys we had and designed the areas around them as well thinking about the things the girls enjoy like art (more on that later). Our play kitchen, shop and dolls pram, bed and highchair are perfect for a 'home corner' and are some of the most played with toys we own. The girls are continually filling their shopping baskets, tending to their babies, cooking and making each other cups of tea or baking pretend cakes and when friends come to play it's a wonderful area for everyone to play alongside each other, make believe and let their imaginations flow.

Play Kitchen from Tidlo, Playshop from Tesco, Play Food and Kitchen Accessories from
Great Little Trading Co & Amazon, Highchair from Pintoy, Shopping Baskets from Tiger
These Townhouse Shelving units from the Great Little Trading Co sit on the wall above the play kitchen to denote it as the 'Home Corner' and are fab for displaying cute little things like our Maileg mice and woodland bunnies. They also provided the inspiration for the playroom colour scheme and are one of my favourite parts of the room.

Townhouse shelving units from Great Little Trading Co
2. Choosing a colour scheme or theme 
Having found the inspiration for the playroom colour scheme in the Townhouse shelves we went for a grey base on the walls with injections of pink, yellow and turquoise in the furnishings and accessories. The paint we used is 'Light Rain' Silk from the B&Q Colours range and has a great finish. I think these colours work really well together with the bright colours really standing out against the grey and complimenting each other well. One of the things I really wanted was for the room to be bright and cheerful, not too pink (which I am quite conscious of with a houseful of girls) but also practical and the grey paint is wonderful for disguising mucky little hand prints as well as giving a contemporary feel. Choosing a set colour scheme meant that we were able to tie everything else in the room together with real focus and consistency.

3. Providing a space to create as well as play
The little ladies love creating, whether it's colouring, sticking, drawing or painting, it's something they do every day. Previously these activities took place at the kitchen table and I found myself constantly having to get things out for them and then having to stop their creativity to clear the table at mealtimes. With this in mind I was really keen to include a 'Creation Station' in the playroom for the girls to access as and when they want to.

Shelves and chairs from Great Little Trading Co, table painted in Annie Sloan 'Provence'. Alphabet print from 

This table in this corner of the room gets so much use whether its for something creative, homework, building Lego or as a cafe table to the neighbouring home corner. It was an old coffee table that belonged to my parents which we painted in Annie Sloan 'Provence' chalk paint to tie in with the colour scheme. There is a tray of paper so they can help themselves and whilst the pens and crayons are stored on the shelves when we tidy up at the end of the day they are otherwise down on the table for them to freely access. With 3 chairs there is space for everyone and we have one in each colour. The shelves above it also store little trinkets and treasures and elements to add a little fun like our glowing pear lights which are lovely on a dark Winter afternoon.

Shelves from Great Little Trading Co, pen pots from Tiger UK, Pear lights from Retro Kids
Tins from Belle and Boo.

This alphabet print came from Ebay, we painted a pine frame with a yellow tester pot

5. Easy Access to toys and ease of tidying
The Playroom is accessed through an archway from our living room and as a result there is no door to shut and ignore the mess at the end of a day's play. Our main bathroom is downstairs and is also accessed via a door within the playroom meaning it is also a bit of a thoroughfare. I wanted to make sure that at the end of the day everything could be quickly and easily tidied away and that the girls were able to help with this.

We already had two square shelving units from Ikea which we converted into toy storage with simple canvas box bags from H&M as they matched our colour scheme perfectly. Functionality is key with a playroom for me and the girls can easily take these boxes out from the shelving units themselves to  play with things. The fact that they are open at the top means they can see what's inside; we keep the same things in each box and put them back in the same compartment so the girls know exactly where everything is. The boxes house things like Duplo, musical instruments, make believe sets like doctors kits, pets and Playmobil.

Lego is stored out of reach of the youngest two who are still tempted to pop it in their mouths on top of the units in giant Lego bricks which are available in every colour you can think of in a variety of sizes, we got ours from I Want One Of Those. Sass Belle suitcase hide all manner of things the girls like to collect from Schleich animals, to Palace Pets and My Little Ponies.

Shelving units from Ikea, Storage boxes from H&M, Lego boxes from I want one of those
 Suitcases from Sass Belle
We also have picture books on the shelves and windowsill for them to grab at anytime with a focus on colours, letters, numbers, shapes, animals and nursery rhymes. They have a dedicated reading corner in their bedrooms which I'm hoping to include in a separate post soon.

5. Finishing touches 
As with any room in your home finishing touches are what make a room special. I wanted to add a bit of magic and personality to the room and so chose a feature cloud light fixture complete with little raindrops which the girls just love from Iconic Lights. I love that even on a grey rainy day when we are forced to play inside it is a fun and cheerful place to play in. The prints above the toy storage are little motto's to inspire the girls which we framed in pine frames painted with a yellow tester pot to tie in with the theme. They say 'dance in the rain', 'let your imagination run wild' and 'chase your dreams'.

Cloud light from Iconic Lighting

We also have a full size ruler height chart from The Real Ruler Height Chart Company which the girls love measuring themselves and each other against. I hope that this is a room that will grow with them and as they get older and it becomes a homework space or somewhere for them to watch TV, read or relax with their friends. The ruler will remain a permanent fixture in the room to remind me that they were once small. Along side the ruler is a little bit of magic in the form of a fairy door from The Magic Door Store, a little touch to spark the girl's imaginations and for the tooth fairy and friends to visit of course.

Fairy Door from The Magic Door Store, Ruler from The Real Ruler Height Chart Co.

The girls adore their playroom and spend hours in it playing, imagining and creating. It is everything I wanted it to be and more; a truly fun and functional space which we all love.

Me x

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  1. It looks amazing! I love the colours you have chosen and it looks so much fun x #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Thank you, i'm really pleased with how it turned out x

  2. I LOVE this playroom and you've clearly thought everything through and put a lot of time into it. The pop of colour is beautiful too. It's amazing what some chalk paint can do to turn something pretty standard into something extraordinary and original. Thanks for the inspiration! We hope to move this year and a playroom will be on my wishlist. #sharingthebloglove

    1. Thank you Ruth. Chalk paint is amazing isn't it? A playroom has made a big difference to our home, good luck with the move as and when it happens, playrooms are really fun to design x

  3. This is so beautiful - it makes me desperately wish we had a spare room for a playroom! The turquoise, pink and yellow combination is fabulous and the grey makes those colours pop perfectly! You've nailed storage as well - you clearly have lots of stuff but it all has a place. I bet your girls absolutely love spending time in it. Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Thank you Katy - we do have heaps of stuff but a playroom has really helped with that, glad you like the colours, grey makes a great backdrop i now want to paint the whole house in various shades of it! x

  4. Oh I love how colourful it is and practical. Its really lovely creating a space just for them and I bet they love it. Storage is always a big one, but looks like everything has a home. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  5. Love this! Looks so good and love the colour scheme. We are thinking of moving house and we really want a playroom as our lounge dining room is open plan and i HATE all he plastic tat amongst my cream/neautral colour scheme! #SharingtheBlogLove x

  6. Oooh this is such a fab space. I'm thinking the time will come when I need a play space for my toddler - how can someone so tiny have so much stuff! Love the shelves! #sharingthebloglove

  7. We have a playroom but I hate it. I am forever trying to rearrange it and get it right but I just can't seem to. Yours is beautiful. I love those farmhouse shelves. I think I need to get ours sorted!

  8. This is gorgeous. My little ones would love this. #SharingtheBlogLove

  9. This all looks fantastic and I love the townhouse storage - practical and looks fabulous! x


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