20 January 2017

Phoebe is Three!

To my Miss Tibs,

You're 3 today!

It feels like you have been 3 for ages, probably because you have been telling everyone you are for months now! Your much awaited and anticipated birthday is here my darling and I hope it is as special as you are. You and your big sister Boo have been planning every detail from a stack of pancakes with candles and chocolate sauce for breakfast to your Elsa, Anna and Aurora birthday cake mashup... I must admit I have had to reign you in and we have limited the cake to Frozen this year with a promise of Sleeping beauty next year.

This is just one of the things we love about you, you know your own mind like no one else I know, fiercely independent you make your wishes known that is for sure. You are a happy little bright light that makes us all smile, there is fire in your eyes that sparkles and glints and its truly infectious. Your sparkle is only increased by the amount of play jewellery you wear at any given time, I quite often find you with arms covered in bracelets, 6 necklaces and a ring on every finger. You love raiding my jewellery box and squirrel away any treasures you might find like a little magpie.

You are currently not a fan of clothes and although a January baby I think you would have been far more suited to a summer birthday as you love bare feet, bare legs and a wearing just a t shirt and leggings. You like to choose your own clothes in the mornings and have quite specific requirements when getting dressed. A dress will only be worn if for example it passes the twirl test, you are not a fan of layers so cardigans, coats and hats are often dismissed but I carry them around with us anyway so people don't think we are bad parents! The only time I have seen you willingly put on a coat without a bit of negotiation was last week when you saw your first snowfall. You had been dancing around the kitchen in your Elsa dress to 'let it go' as the snow starting coming down, you truly thought you had made it snow which was so sweet that I didn't correct you. You epitomise the magic of childhood Tibs, you show such wonder and excitement at things and have such enthusiasm to explore the world around you.

You love to sing and dance, you love watching Topsy and Tim and surprise egg opening videos on you tube, you love to pick the same book at bedtime for 3 weeks running (we are currently on 'kitchen disco') you love carrying around all the play food in shopping bags, you love scooting and climbing and playing with your sisters, you absolutely love babycinnos but they must have marshmallows. You still love anything with a big bad wolf in and often ask if he's coming to our house, you love coins and money - maybe you'll end up being some kind of investment banker, i'm documenting this in case you are! You are a little adventurer and love getting mucky and muddy and sticky yet in equal measure you love having your fingernails painted, your hair plaited 'like Elsa' and prancing around in princess dresses.

You also love and are very good at being cheeky, you're the little entertainer of the family and enjoy making us all giggle, Dot thinks you are particularly hilarious at the moment which you love. You are super loving and insist on kissing each sister goodnight each night and quite often climb up onto my knee and throw your arms around me. You have settled in brilliantly to play school and have made some lovely friends all of your own there, its been wonderful to see you grow in confidence and as I drop you off there and you pop your name in the postbox and saunter off waving over your shoulder I feel incredibly proud of you.

There is a particular quote that always makes me think of you from Shakespeare's A Midsummers Night Dream -  "though she be little she is fierce" - you are such a dinky little dot, perfect in every way and that fierceness and determination in you will stand you in good stead, hold onto that my darling and use it wisely. Today we are going to go and bounce together on trampolines because that is what you'd like to do on your birthday - i can't think of a better way to celebrate you little lady and hope you have the best day ever.

Much love little fierce one

Mummy x

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