15 January 2017

Siblings Project - January 2017

We absolutely loved being a part of the Me and Mine Project last year where we capture and share a family photograph each month of all five of us. This year we are going to join in with the Siblings Project where on the 15th of each month I'll share some photos and some observations of my little set of sisters to document them and their relationships with each other.

I take so many pictures of the girls (I think my phone has over 8,000 on!), it has fast become one of my favourite things to do, capturing them in time, freeze framing a moment to remember. My favourite photographs are always when all 3 of them are in the frame. When they are altogether in a line, in a pile, having a cuddle or doing their own thing I feel like their personalities shine through, that their bonds with each other are visible and I can see all their similarities as well as their differences. I love how they change as they grow, the fun they have and that they have each other to share their childhood with.

I thought I'd share all the photos I manage to snap of the 3 of them together each month along with a little memory of each one. I started this blog for them, as a little diary, a place to store memories so joining in with this project feels like the perfect fit. Here are our January photos:

I love this photo of the little ladies baking banana muffins just before the school term started at the beginning of the month. We had such a lovely time over the Christmas holidays as a family 'just being' and I just loved having them altogether. They adore baking and are all keen to get involved. Miss Boo is a little mummy and keeps the little ones in check. She's great at following instructions and really enjoys the magic that happens when you mix all the ingredients together and the finished product comes out the oven. Miss Tibs will take any opportunity she can to lick the spoon or to 'check' the sugar is OK. She loves cutting shapes out of biscuit dough and lining up the cake cases in the tray. Miss Dot although only 17 months is so keen to join in with her big sisters and has to be the same as them, she loves eating the fruits of our labour most.

The little ladies often operate as a pack, particularly when they are being cheeky. They were so excitable in this photo here all snuggled up in a pile in they matching pj's on the coffee table, giggling away, pretending to be asleep. They have so much fun together and love each other dearly and this was one of those lovely moments I just had to capture. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of hair pulling and pouting and fallings out but this is quickly forgotten with a cuddle. I love having a close age gap for many reasons  -  being able to dress them in matching clothes is just one of them!

I took this photo during the first week back at school when everything felt a bit hectic and stressful and when I was feeling a little sad about going back to work after such lovely time with them over the holidays. I took it to remind me that amongst the chaos and stress there is much happiness and that at the end of the day that it's all totally worth it, because it's all for them. 

Miss Boo is still bringing her bunnies along for the car ride to school, she has had them since she was 6 months old and they are such a comfort to her. I was a bit concerned about how she would be going back to school as we had quite a tough first term with tears in the morning at drop off. It was a huge relief when she skipped in happily and has done everyday since. It just goes to show that they all do things in their own time, when they are ready.

 I love this photo because Miss Tibs insisted on wearing her fairy costume to play school and I didn't have the energy to fight her as I had been up for the third night running with a teething Miss Dot. When I look at her face here and see the joy it bought her it reminds me to pick my battles and most important of all, to let them be little. Miss Dot, despite having thrown an all night party looks surprisingly bright here, she is such a happy soul and really does just fit in and go with the flow so I will forgive her for pinching my side of the bed so often and actually when she doesn't want cuddling in the night anymore I am very sure I will miss it with all my heart.

This is my favourite photo of the girls this month, not only because I am in love with their cardigans (which are from Next by the way!) or because they are all looking at the camera, but because I can see the excitement in Miss Boo's eyes about going to test out her new scooter, because Miss Tibs is gently holding her little sister to stop her jumping off the doorstep and most of all because they all look so happy which makes my heart happy the point it feels like it could absolutely burst with love for them. Now that I'm back at work 4 days a week I really appreciate my time off with them and weekends have become weekends again rather than just another day of the week.

I hope you enjoy our little siblings updates each month, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity for you to get to know the girls a little more and document our days. Make sure you check in on the 15th for next months update.

Me x

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Welcome to siblings project, it is something I absolutely love to do and such a nice way to put words to the photos you already take! I love those cardigans - I wish my Eva would wear it but she is so fussy right now and pink is not her thing! x

  2. Lovely to see you join in with the sibling project, it is one of my favourite posts to write each month. Gorgeous photos of your girls and I look forward to seeing them grow over the year. x

  3. oh those rainbow cardigans are just adorable and what beautiful 3 little girls you have there! This is my first month joining into the siblings project and I am looking forward to discovering new blogs like yours and following each others monthly posts! x

  4. I love dressing my girls the same and even choosing coordinating outfits for WIlls too - so much fun. Gorgeous photos hun x

  5. You managed to get several photos of your girls together during the month and I struggled to get one, I must try harder! Love the one of them on the coffee table curled up!

  6. Lovely to see the three of them all together. So cute. Looking forward to seeing more x


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