17 January 2017

Taking Notice

I started this blog 14 months ago to record our lives and capture the little ladies in time, because whilst the days are long sometimes with little ones, the years are definitely short and they seem to grow up before my very eyes. Sometimes the focus can be on the milestones and the big things which need to be documented and rightly so. However, sometimes it's the ordinary moments that need documenting as they are the ones I'm more likely to forget, or I'm sad to say, the ones I don't always notice because life can be so busy that sometimes they just pass me by. 

Along with our monthly Me and Mine and Siblings Projects posts I've decided to join in with one final project this year called The Ordinary Moments run by Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me and Donna from What The Redhead Said. I have missed the first week but I will be sharing some thoughts here every Sunday this year to document those ordinary moments, which are actually often incredibly special moments, the key is taking notice of them. Here are last weeks ordinary, but magical moments that I am so glad I captured.

Lottie has never been a particularly brilliant sleeper, unless it's in my arms or in my bed. I took this picture of her early one morning last week after a particularly restless night. Just as she had finally settled the rest of the house was waking up to start the day. As her big sisters called me to tell me that 'the sun was up' (good old GRO clock!) I sat up next to my baby in my bed and a few tears rolled down my cheeks because I was exhausted and at that very moment the thought of tackling the day felt mammoth and I had no idea how I was supposed to function at work. Looking at her sleeping so peacefully and looking so beautifully serene I realised she is still very much my baby. I often think of her as being older as she runs around and joins in with her big sisters chatting away but she is only 16 months old. Although these days and nights are demanding, it won't be forever and no doubt I'll miss these days fiercely when they are gone. What I wouldn't give for a full nights sleep though...

I love this photo of Phoebe and Ellie. I know they are watching the iPad but look how snuggled together they are! I came into the living room after clearing up the breakfast things to get them ready for play school and school. I actually couldn't bring myself to interrupt them so I took a photo of them instead and busied myself with all the other things that needed to be organised before finally prising them apart and getting them dressed. Before I started my job in November, I might not have noticed this moment, I worry that caught up in the everyday I missed things, maybe I didn't, but I feel like I notice and treasure them so much more recently.

There's so much to be said for slowing down, watching and taking it all in. By consciously making more of an effort to do that I have learnt so much about my children this week. Listening in to their little conversations and imaginations is really beautiful. I took this photo of Ellie and Phoebe last week at 7:30pm when they should have been in bed asleep. They were playing and chatting so nicely in their little reading nook about whether or not Rapunzel should buy a dog, so I just sat against one of their beds and watched them. It made all the tough parts of the day feel so worth it, the school run rush in the rain, dinners refused and pushed across the table, battles to brush teeth, none of it mattered right then. A perfectly ordinary moment, but there is magic in ordinary and I'll be taking notice of that magic more and I hope you'll enjoy sharing these moments with us.

Me x

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  1. It is so, so lovely to have you joining in and your reasoning is perfect - it's so important to slow down, take notice and record these things. I can't wait to see more of your blog over the coming weeks x


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