24 January 2017

The Cosatto Hug Isofix - A Car Seat Built To Last

At 17 months it's time for Miss Dot to make the move from her baby car seat to the next stage up. Our trusty baby seat has served us so well protecting all 3 of the little ladies from their first journey home from the hospital and pretty much every day since for the last five years, I couldn't help but feel a little sentimental about Miss Dot growing out of it.

However, any sadness I felt about the baby seat going into retirement was quickly replaced by the excitement about the cutest car seat I have ever seen arriving last week...

Cosatto Hug Isofix - Stage 1
Cosatto Hug Isofix - Stage 2&3
We are now the very proud owners of a Cosatto Hug Isofix (Group 123) Car Seat which as well as being super stylish is incredibly well designed in terms of safety and ticks every box on my wishlist in terms of a seat for my precious cargo. Buying a car seat for your child is a big decision, especially as there is so much choice out there, buying a car seat from trusted experts like Cosatto means peace of mind when travelling in the car with your little ones as they have thought of everything with the Hug Isofix model. Here's why we love it:

1. It's built to last and will grow with your child

My favourite thing about this car seat is that it's built to last, as a Group 123 seat it's suitable from 9 months to 12 years old (9kg - 36kg) which is just fantastic as it means it will grow with your child. With an adjustable headrest with 9 different settings, removable seat cushioning and 5 different recline positions it can transform from a stage 1 baby seat, to a stage 2 toddler seat to a stage 3 booster seat as demonstrated by the little ladies below:

Miss Dot age 17 months
Miss Tibs age 3
Miss Boo age 5
2. It has outstanding safety features

Cosatto have thought of everything when it comes to safety with this car seat which includes outstanding safety features such as their 'go safe' side impact protection. The headrests are incredible offering lots of support and cushioning. Little ones arms are protected to with the comfy padded arm rests and are sure to remain safely strapped in with and exclusive 5 point safety harness complete with anti escape system to stop them wriggling free. It has a quick release button to get your child in and out their seat which is not only great for safety but for convenience too.

Miss Dot is so well cushioned and protected with the side impact bar, headrests and arm rests.
It comes with universal Isofix fittings making it super easy to dock in your car and so secure when installed giving you great piece of mind. There are easy to follow instructions on the side of the seat should you need a reminder. I love that once transformed into a stage 3 booster it can still be secured using the Isofix for extra stability as often booster seats don't feel very steady. It also has a seatbelt safety clip to keep the strap positioned correctly and securely across your child's chest. You can fit this seat into your car at all stages using a seatbelt should you ever switch it into an older car which doesn't have Isofix.

Miss Boo in the Cosatto Hug as a Stage 3 Booster Seat
3. It's high quality and comfortable

The car seat is made from such high quality materials which are really, soft, comfy and padded which feel really luxurious, Miss Dot absolutely loves sitting in hers! The seat pad and covers are easily removable making it easy to clean should you need to. The Hug also comes with a 4 year guarantee which I think is testimony to Cosatto's confidence in their product and I have no doubt that ours will be in great condition long after this.  Finally the seat looks great, it's so fun and the girls were so keen to get in it, which when trying to get out the door on time for things like the school run is a massive plus for me! We chose the Happy Stars print however the Hug currently comes in 3 other different designs in the iconic, bright, child friendly prints we know and love from Cosatto.

We love the cute stars and pastel hues on the Happy Stars design
Cosattos car seats have as much personality as your little ones - a unicorn
headband isn't out of place!

We would really recommend a Cosatto car seat and particularly the Hug as its such a great investment taking you and your child on a journey as you set out on your adventures together and as they grow. My only negative is that I could do with 3!

You can take a look at Cosattos full range of products HERE.

Me x

*This is a collaborative post.  
We were kindly gifted the car seat in exchange for an honest review. 
All words and opinions are my own.*

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