22 January 2017

Little Things

Its been an interesting week... very little sleep and no gas meaning no heating or hot water for 3 days but the little things and my little ones have made me smile this week. Working has been a challenge having been up a lot with Lottie in the night, my brain just wasn't functioning and all I could think about was how tired I was. When I came home on Wednesday to fajitas on the table along with a bunch of tulips I could have cried, sometimes it really is the little things that mean such a lot, Oli definitely gets all the brownie points this week.

Coming home to Spring Blooms 

Phoebe turned 3 on Friday so we have been busy preparing for that including Ellie who came home from School one afternoon with a present she had made for her little sister. She kept it covered up and asked if I could let her in first when we got home from the school run so that she could hide it under her bed. Later on I managed to sneak a peek at it and it was the most beautiful homemade gift, a tissue box decorated with all things sparkly - two things that her little sister adores, squirrelling things away in boxes and anything shiny! I felt myself well up as she had clearly spent so much time on it and put a lot of thought into it and was so proud of it. She also made her an Elsa birthday card as Phoebe had requested an 'Elsa birthday' this year and wrote her name on it, something she couldn't do last year making it extra special. One of the things I strive to teach the girls is the joy of making others smile and being kind and thoughtful, it's lovely to see the little moments that reflect that it's working.

Miss Boo's creations for her sister's birthday
On Friday after a family birthday breakfast of chocolate pancakes as requested by the birthday girl we dropped Ellie at school, Lottie with Nana and took Phoebe for a birthday treat to bounce on trampolines. I can't remember the last time she had both Oli and I all to herself but its safe to say she absolutely loved it as she held both our hands skipping into the trampoline centre. It was so fun to bounce together and spend some time one on one with her, this little moment meant such a lot to our little lady. Having collected her sisters we ended the day with pizza and ice cream at out local Italian as a family.

Miss Tibs and I ready to bounce!
Today we had a little party for Phoebe with a few of her friends and her cousins. She had asked for a Frozen party so I did my best with a frozen themed number 3 cake, blue jellies, snowflake balloons and sweetie cones. Her little face was adorable, this is the first year she has really understood birthdays and she loved it.

Miss Tib's 3rd birthday cake
After all the birthday build up and excitement this week I am looking forward to a fairly simple week ahead. I'm hoping to sign up to a yoga class to schedule in a little bit of down time and something thats just for me as the weeks can feel like a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and I know that I need to slow down and breath. Crossing all my fingers for a little more sleep this week too -  I can but dream!

Me x


  1. Oli did good with the flowers and dinner!!! It sounds like she had a lovely birthday and the cake looks amazing, well done. x

  2. Oh so many things to love in this post. Your big girl making a birthday present for her sister, so sweet! I'm glad she had a great birthday and that cake is brilliant xx

  3. I hope Miss Tibs had a wonderful Birthday - that cake is amazing and her sister's gift is just so thoughtful. Love the tulips! x

  4. I love that she made her a present, it is something I have tried to instill in mine aswell and Christmas showed me that they have it in spades and I love it. i hope you get more sleep - and warmth this week x


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