26 February 2017

Fresh Air

Last weekend I had the most lovely afternoon with the little ladies and it was all down to simple, fresh air. We spent a good couple of hours scooting to the shops and playing at the local park. Although we still had to wrap up it was so nice that the recent chill in the air wasn't there and as long as we kept moving we were nice and warm. The sun even felt warm on our faces and the blue skies were just beautiful, it was one of those days that just made you feel incredibly grateful for the beautiful world that we live in.

It had been such a long time since we had ventured to the park as it has just been too cold and when we have tried to go outside even just in the garden the girls have just got too cold too quickly and it's ended in tears. As a result the swings, slides and climbing frames felt like such  novelty to them and they didn't want to leave, so with nowhere else to be we stayed and just played. It was lovely. 

When the girls started flagging after burning off lots of energy we had a chocolate button break together on a bench which just felt wonderful, sitting there with my three little ladies, the sun on our faces and the sweet taste of chocolate. Perfectly ordinary but perfectly special.

We're looking forward to enjoying more days like these as Spring peeks at us from around the corner and i'm looking forward to saying goodbye to the cold days that require layer upon layer, although the little ladies would quite like a bit of snow first....

Me x

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