5 February 2017

Me & Mine Project - January 2017

There's something about January and the beginning of the year which makes you take stock and think about the year ahead, it's really cliched but true. That coupled with the cold, grey, dark days inevitably means hiding in daydreams whether it's of sunnier, warmer days at home or abroad or new horizons.

This month we've been thinking about whether or not we want to move house or stay where we are and have even had the house valued and been to look at a couple of properties. After assessing the cost to move and what was out there in budget we have decided that we actually quite like our home... It is by no means perfect and has a few flaws but that is to be expected with an older property. The flaws can be corrected and there is definitely room for improvement but in honesty it's mostly nothing a lick of paint can't sort. We have plenty of space for now and it's our family home, the home we brought all 3 of our babies home to and that feels kind of special. Right now the girls don't mind sharing a bedroom and from my own memories of sharing with my sisters, they won't mind for a least another few! When the five of us are in our house it feels happy and full in the best kind of way - so we are staying put!

We've decided to renovate the kitchen later this year and fix some things in the garden so we can really enjoy both. We love to cook and be outdoors so these seem like good areas of focus for us. Both are spaces we spend a lot of time as a family in so everyone will benefit from the improvements and we'll enjoy being in our home even more than we do at the moment.

This is something January has also highlighted - the importance of slowing down and having slow, home days, doing not a lot. Life is busy and with working, 3 little ones to look after and an ever growing to do list we rarely stop. We have scheduled in some quiet weekends and it's been lovely just relaxing and pottering together and alongside each other. Being out the house a lot really makes me appreciate the things I love about our home and the wonderful feeling that I get as I come in the front door at the end of a long day or busy week. I'm now feeling really excited about the plans we have for our home and creating a space where we can enjoy even more time together as a family.

January's 'Me and Mine' photos were taken in the girl's play tent and we had loads of fun taking them, there were some pretty amusing outtakes of various children running back while the camera timer counted down and of other children trying to escape and so many facial expressions... It really feels like an achievement to get 5 of us in shot and looking at the camera smiling. So here it is our first family capture of the year and a couple of those outtakes...

Me x
The Me and Mine Project

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