18 February 2017

Top 10 Travel Must Haves with Mark Warner

Holidays are really important to us and we really look forward to them, wherever we might go there is nothing better than spending time together as a family making memories, just going with the flow and letting routine go out the window for a week or so while we share an adventure. In my mind holidays are the only thing you'll ever buy that makes your richer. But can you really have a holiday with a young family, as in an actual holiday? Yes, you absolutely can and it can be so much more than just a change of scene with my top 10 travel must haves and a holiday with Mark Warner.

The little ladies on the beach last summer
Holidays with young children can be a challenge, we have 3 aged 5 and under which means the days of long days sunbathing and drinking cocktails are currently on hold but we can still relax and have fun by choosing the right location, type of holiday and by packing smart - it's just a different kind of adventure. Mark Warner holidays offer a host of wonderful resorts with fantastic facilities and plenty to do in relaxing environments where family time is a focus which is why we're applying to be one of their Family Ambassadors this year by sharing our top tips when it comes to packing. If you're in need of a little summer holiday inspiration I've put together a Pinterest board of all the things that make a holiday for me including the essentials I won't travel without:

It's lovely to look at on those rainy, grey days after a long day at work when I'd far rather be paddling in the sea with the little ladies. I've also included my top 10 travel must haves below which might be useful if you're getting ready for your family summer holiday this year:

Top Right: 1. Out N' About Nipper, Top Left: 2. Travel Laundry Bag
Bottom Right: 3. Souk Basket Beach Bag, Bottom Left: 4. Aden & Anais muslins

1. Our Out N' About Pushchair
We adore our Out N' About Nipper, so much so that we have both the single and double version and one of them comes with us pretty much wherever we go. They can tackle many terrains including sand and cobbled streets and reclines back flat for beach naps with a large canopy for shade. It also folds down quickly and easily with a small footprint and is lightweight making it perfect for travelling with and practical at the airport.

2. Travel Laundry bag
One thing I don't want to think about on holiday is washing! I also don't want a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of our room so I love this canvas laundry bag which you can chuck all the ice-cream dripped on dresses and sandy shirts into and forget about until you get home.

3. Souk Basket Beach Bag
We love the beach and heading out for the day exploring. I love that I can just chuck everything in this bag and its easy to fill and empty at the beginning and end of the day, it also goes with everything and is really practical.

4. Giant Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Perfect for those warm nights when all you want is a sheet, the little ladies love sleeping under these giant muslin swaddle cloths from Aden & Anais whether its in their beds or in the pushchair to cover their little legs up while they nap.

Top Left: 5. Sunhat from Jojo Maman Bebe, Top Right: 6. Trunki Unicorn Case
Bottom Left: Scrunch Bucket, Bottom Right: Kids Activity Travel Pack

5. Sunhats, swimming costumes and suncream
Protecting the little ladies from the sun is super important so items like this kind of go without saying. However, as long as we have these with us we can have a fab day in the sunshine wherever we are. For me that's what holidays are are about - prioritising fun and being in the moment. I love these little floppy sunhats from Jojo Maman Bebe, they offer great shade to the face and neck and tie under the chin for those windier days meaning they don't get lost on the first day of your holiday.

6. Little Luggage 
With 5 of us to pack for I always pack as lightly as possible, taking as few cases as we can as there are only so many daddy can carry! The little ladies would LOVE these Unicorn Trunki's and would probably pull them along or scoot along on them themselves through the airport. I tend to only bring an outfit a day and one pair of shoes for everyone as on a summer holiday we'll spend pretty much the whole day in our swimsuits.

7. Scrunch Bucket
The girls were given one of these one summer and we have used it so much. It scrunches down and folds up meaning you can pop it in your suitcase and go straight to the beach or have fun. The little ladies will spend hours pouring water, making sandcastles and collecting pebbles and other beach treasure with them. Its really easy to clean and being made from silicone there's no risk of it cracking.

8. Kids Travel Pack
I always put together a little activity pack to keep the children happy and busy on flights, in restaurants in the evenings and when they might need a little down time. These usually include pens or crayons and colouring books, a little toy, a little treat and some stickers. You can always find cute and affordable things like this in Tiger or Paperchase.

Some of my favourite Summer captures from last year
6. My camera
Holidays are all about making memories there are so many moments to capture and first experiences to remember, it's really important to me to take lots of photographs for us to look back on in years to come and capture the little ladies childhoods. I'm really hoping to snap some of our very own #MWmoments (Mark Warner Moments) to share with you this year.

10. A sense of adventure and an open mind
I think holidays with a young family are all about being flexible and keeping an open mind. It's also about remembering that a family holiday is exactly that and there should be opportunities for everyone to do something they enjoy, whether it's relaxing, playing or learning something new. We go away with no expectations other than to be with each other and experience new places and the rest just comes together. The little ladies absolutely love an adventure and exploring so I asked them what they thought we would need to take on holiday to have fun, here's what they put in their case:

This post is our application to the 2017 Mark Warner Family Blogger Ambassador Programme. We would love to be a Mark Warner Family and take the girls on one of their fabulous summer holidays, I think I might do the packing though....

Me x


  1. Your girls are fabulous, I love them. Mich x

  2. Ah Mich, that's so lovely, thank you x

  3. This is very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.! Tour Guide

  4. The girls are just ADORABLE! I lovely post. Best of luck! x

  5. Flexibility and a camera, now those are definitely at the top for us! Good luck with your entry lovely x

    1. If you forget everything else you'd be alright wouldn't you?! Thanks Laura x

  6. that unicorn trunki is so sweet!

  7. Oh SO sweet!!! What a gorgeous entry!! The very best of luck to you — and your gorgeous ladies! I've so enjoyed being a Mark Warner ambassador (it's the best job ever) and looking at all the entries for this year's recruits has been fab! Good luck!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I can only imagine what a wonderful job it is, keeping my fingers and toes crossed to follow in your footsteps! X


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