11 February 2017

What to do with all your Children's artwork

The little ladies absolutely love art - painting, drawing, colouring, sticking, glittering, cutting, printing, you name it, they love it. I adore seeing their little creations and have real trouble 'recycling' their work after seeing the time, imagination and thought that have gone into them. I'm terribly sentimental and some of their drawings are just so cute and I want to keep them forever but there just isn't space for it all. We have pictures on the fridge, pictures on the kitchen wall, we send some to family and friends as happy post and then the rest culminates in a pile on my desk or in boxes in the loft....

we have so much artwork, what do you do with it all?
Our current artwork pile...
With play school, school and various toddler groups along with all the art we make at home I can't possibly physically keep it all. With a little help from Children's Art Galleries I can however keep a memory of their creations and store their pictures in a fabulous online gallery.

Children's Art Galleries was set up by fellow parent of 3 Dean Burnage and offers a solution to the piles of artwork that accumulate when you have little artists in your house. They have come up with a simple and clever way to keep your child's artwork by storing it in an online gallery, clearing the clutter but treasuring it and giving your child a sense of pride by having their own special gallery to showcase their work. For an annual subscription of just £3 per child you can upload and store unlimited amounts of artwork. We have a gallery for each of the little ladies to keep their creations separate with the pricing structure discounted for each extra child added, so for £7 a year I have a wonderful forum to store all their artwork. Here's how it works:

little artists
Miss Tibs and Miss Boo getting creative
1. Encourage your littles to get creative, use their imaginations and have fun whether its with pens, paint, chalk, cutting or sticking. For the pieces we created below we set the girls the challenge of creating art on how they were feeling that day, they loved having a project to work on and went on to create several other pieces afterwards.

Miss Tibs created a colourful painting using paint dabbers and said she felt excited, bouncy and happy, she was really proud and clearly enjoyed attaching an emotion to her picture.

Miss Tibs was really proud of how her painting turned out
Miss Boo also said she felt happy and chose to draw and colour with felt pens all the things that reminded her of being happy - a rainbow, a flower, sunshine, and a self portrait.

Miss Boo's interpretation of Happy
2. Create your account and then upload a photo of your child's art to their online gallery - both of these are incredibly easy to do. You can do this either by scanning it onto your computer and uploading it to the website or using your phone or tablet as I did below. I simply took a photo and uploaded it. The galleries are public to encourage enjoyment of others artwork or so you can share them with friends and family. All images are approved by Children's Art Galleries to ensure suitability of the content, mine was approved and visible within just a few hours of adding it. You can add a title and a description and set the date so you can remember when it was made.

It's so easy to upload your children's artwork to the online gallery
4. Enjoy collecting and viewing your children's art in their dedicated gallery! Very soon Children's Art Galleries are also going to be offering the option to purchase an album of your children's work to keep and treasure your favourite pieces in hard copy form which I think is a lovely touch.

I will still be displaying art on the fridge and walls in our kitchen as the girls really love seeing it up. The gallery will mean that as things come down I can take a picture of them and keep them forever electronically so are effectively an extension of the kitchen wall. I have decided to keep just one large box for special pictures that I want to keep hard copies of too, anything with little handprints and footprints on or pictures of themselves or our family I just can't 'recycle'.

I'm absolutely thrilled with our online galleries as they provides such a great solution for us and I'm sure in years to come they will be wonderful to look through and read the little notes attached to the artwork. You can take a look at the little ladies galleries here:


The little ladies can continue creating and bringing home as much art as they like now that I have such a fab place to store it all. For more information or to set up your own gallery for your mini artists visit the Children's Art Galleries Website.

Happy creating!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post*

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