27 March 2017

Building imaginations with Megabloks

The little ladies absolutely love building things and we have a variety of blocks for them to play with. Their Megabloks are a firm favourite as they are something they can all play with together. Bright, colourful, easy to hold and join together they really are perfect for 1 - 5 year olds. They are designed by Fisher Price, a brand we all know and love and one I grew up playing with myself.  I recently challenged the girls to build something together using their Megabloks and here's what they came up with... 'Rapunzel's Tower'!

The little ladies' Rapunzel Tower

It was really interesting to watch them play together as their imaginations got to work and the tower building began. They really worked together and communicated about which bits should go where, Miss Tibs was tasked with building the outside wall while Miss Boo concentrated on the tower and Miss Dot just put blocks on and off wherever she fancied!

Teamwork: Playing and learning together

This kind of activity really holds their focus and results in a lengthy play session. I think they love that it's different each time they play with it, that what they build is up to them and they can be as creative as they like. I loved how proud they were of their final result, they genuinely felt such a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction. They had such fun and were learning all kinds of things along the way which is a big win for me.

Will it balance?
Communicating on where the block should go

The girls play with their Megablox together and alongside each other in different ways, they really are a toy that grows with your child. At 19 months, Miss Dot loves building up the blocks then knocking them down, she can easily fix them together and take them apart and she definitely shows preference to which colours she likes too. I love that it develops her fine motor skills and that it's something she can join in with and learn from her big sisters. 

Can you guess what happened next...

At 3, Miss Tibs loves to see how tall she can build a tower. It is so interesting watching her figure out how to get the tower to balance and where to put the blocks so that they fit and she can keep building upwards. She concentrates so hard on the task in hand and really enjoys it when I sit and build with her making it a really great activity to do together.

Miss Tibs constructing her tower

At 5, Miss Boo's imagination is running wild and nearly everything she does has a story behind it. She'll build shops and castles and gardens and towns and then play with little characters in the world she has created. She teaches her little sisters and includes them in her games which is wonderful.

Miss Boo ensuring her walls are structurally sound!

The 'Build & Learn' Table has been great for giving them a focal point for their activity and is something they can get out and use when they like. They can store their Megabloks in the table meaning it's self contained and easy to pack away. The legs of the table also fold down flat so that it can be stored easily. It comes with some blocks to get you started and you can add to it in with several Megabloks sets. We love the 'Big Building Bag' which has 60 colourful blocks in of different shapes colours and sizes. 

This Easter Megabloks are running a competition with Netmums for you to win one of 5 Megabloks sets. Their new campaign #Chocablox is all about playing with Megablox this Easter.  I don't know about you but we were inundated with chocolate last year and something like this would make a fab alternative Easter gift for your little ones. All you have to do is share a picture of your little ones playing with their Megabloks HERE by 16th April 2017. Good Luck!

Me x

*This is a collaborative post with Megabloks & Netmums 
All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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