5 March 2017

Me & Mine Project - February 2017

We are fashionably late with this post but then that kind of sums up February! Life has felt extremely busy and time has absolutely whizzed by... am I the only one wondering how on earth it's March already? 

Our favourite thing about February was without a doubt that it was half term which meant for one week at least we could slow down and spend some real quality time together as a family. Oli and I both booked some time off work which meant we each got time with all 3 girls and also time together as a family of 5. It was wonderful not having to rush out the door to school and be able to sit and drink tea, snuggle up, watch movies and eat crumpets together. The girls just loved being together as a 3 and kept each other entertained. 

The time at home also meant we could catch up on life and jobs and relax which was just so lovely. We spent time baking and colouring and walking down to the local park and also squeezed in a couple of trips out to the cinema and to the farm. Our visit to the farm was probably the highlight of the month as the girls were so excited to go as we hadn't been since last summer. Miss Dot loves her farm animal books and was squealing with delight as she spotted the ducks and pigs. They also got to bottle feed some baby lambs and ride a pony, the joy on their faces was just beautiful and standing back and watching Oli and I felt so proud of our little family.

February has also bought with it a sense of rhythm and it kind of feels like we are finally settling into our weekly routine. I've been back at work for 3 and a bit months now and it's beginning to feel a bit more normal for everyone. Oli takes care of the girls on Wednesday and Thursdays and they have really found their own way. It feels like there is more of a balance, that we're adjusting and the new dynamic feels good. I'm supporting more financially, Oli's supporting more at home and the girls have embraced the change and love both their 'mummy days', 'daddy days' and 'family days' as they have now known. 

The pressure has been lifted from both Oli and I in different ways and we're really working together as as a team, and despite the odd niggle that is only normal when you're married, parenting a young family and working hard- we're a good team. It's definitely not easy but we're doing it as a family together and that's all that matters. With balance very much on my mind this month it seemed only fitting for this months Me and Mine capture to be of us balancing on a log together! So here we all are, with a couple of outtakes to as i know you enjoyed those last month and I like to keep it real...

Me x

The Me and Mine Project

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