5 April 2017

Antipodes Merino - Beautiful Baby Sleeping Bags

It's fair to say that we have tried several different baby sleeping bags over the years and none have come close to the Antipodes Merino Sleep Bag. The quality is outstanding, making it super comfortable and the magic of merino wool makes it a sleeping bag that you can use all year round.

If you haven't heard of Merino Wool before it's time you got acquainted with it because it's truly incredible stuff. Warm in winter and cool in summer, naturally soft and hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and providing warmth without the bulk - making it the perfect thing to snuggle into bed in. The raw wool comes all the way from New Zealand and is then transformed into a beautifully designed sleeping bag with so much care and thought.

Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag

The first thing I noticed when I took the sleeping bag out of its packaging is how beautifully soft and lightweight it felt. The outer is made from organic cotton with the merino wool snuggled in-between. The attention to detail is wonderful with some incredibly well thought out and high quality features:

Merino sleeping bag

My favourite thing about this sleeping bag is that can be used from 3 months (once your baby weighs 5kg/11lb or more) all the way to 24 months; meaning it will grow with your child. There are poppers under the arms for when your baby is smaller to keep the sleeping bag in place and plenty of room length wise for their legs as they get longer.

Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag

I also love that it can be used all year round. There is no need to worry about the tog rating or buying sleeping bags for different seasons as the merino wool cleverly helps regulate your baby's temperature because it's a natural insulator. When it's cold merino traps warm air next to the skin, and when it's hot, it releases excess moisture and heat, ensuring your little one is always comfortable. You just need to ensure you dress them appropriately for the room temperature, a handy guide is included with the sleeping bag which is really helpful. Another huge plus is that being naturally antibacterial you don't need to wash it often, but when you do it can go in the washing machine and even the tumble drier if it needs to. 

Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag

Miss Dot seems ever so comfortable in her sleeping bag. She's quite a wiggler at night and rolls around a lot and doesn't seem at all restricted. At 19 months old there is plenty of space for her in the sleeping bag still so we'll be using it for a long time yet. One of the features I'm yet to test out, but one I think is a great addition, is the seat belt slot - not something you need to use often but handy for when you do. We drive home from days out, family get togethers or holidays at bedtime wherever we can to make the trip easier and there is always a bit of a 'hope for the best' moment as we make the transfer and try and fasten Miss Dot into her sleeping bag. Last time she woke up while we were faffing around trying to do up the zip in the dark and didn't resettle for quite a while! This will eliminate that problem.

The team at Antipodes Merino have worked hard to make their sleeping bags as affordable and accessible as possible so as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits. Although slightly higher in price than other sleeping bags you may have come across, this sleeping bag does the job of 2/3 sleeping bags which would equate to essentially the same price. It is superb quality, in fact in 5 years of snuggling my babies to bed I haven't come across better and this combined with the amazing features of merino wool make it absolutely worth the investment.

You can purchase your very own Antipodes Merino sleeping bag on amazon HERE, it also comes in a beautiful blue and white stripe design. I am delighted that Antipodes Merino have kindly given me a 20% Amazon Discount code for you - simply enter 3LLadies at checkout. You can find out more about Antipodes Merino and view the rest of their range on their website.

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