30 April 2017

Siblings Project - April 2017

This month has absolutely flown by and i'm pleased to report that harmony has been resumed amongst my three little ladies since my last Siblings Project update... well mostly. The Easter holidays had a large part to play in the improvement in dynamics between the girls, giving them the valuable gift of time.

They really relished the slow mornings and the chance to relax without the restrictions of our usual weekly routine, governed by school, play school and work. They enjoyed the companionship and the games they hadn't had chance to play for a while, along with simple pleasures that they could work together on like collecting shells and pebbles on the beach and building sandcastles.

Siblings Beach combing on Bridlington Beach

Siblings Beach combing on Bridlington Beach

I took these photos of them 'just being' together on Bridlington Beach during our recent trip to Yorkshire.  This vast expanse of space really brought them closer together. They spent ages filling their buckets, sharing their treasures and working as a team. Sometimes it really is the simplest things that bring the most joy and this was definitely apparent standing back and watching them enjoy these moments. I also noticed how tiny they are when placed in such a big open space, and even though they feel like they are growing up before my very eyes, they are still really little.

Building sandcastles on Bridlington Beach

Building Sandcastles on Bridlington Beach

I really love these photos, even though none of them are really looking at the camera, because they capture them in the moment, chatting, playing and exploring as a three in a little self formed rows. Their castle was a labour of love as they scooped the sand into a heap and decorated it with their finds, each with their own ideas and tasks that were accommodated into the build. When I look back at these pictures I can't help but think that together my little ladies will not only make mountains, but move them.

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  1. Savour every moment...time flashes by so fast. My grandson was 5 years old last month and I'm mourning the 'loss' of the baby times. Your little 'uns are beautiful.


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