31 May 2017

Me And Mine Project - May 2017

May is always a good month, two bank holidays and May half term can only mean one thing... lots of time for adventures and plenty of family time. We've spent the month wandering along fairy trails and through golden yellow rapeseed fields and we had our first bbq with some of our friends. The sun has shone more days than not meaning we have spent several afternoons at the park, feeding the ducks, or pottering in the garden. It's also made going to work much harder as i'd have far rather have been with my little lot than in the office!

The middle of the month was a bit grey, and not just in terms of the colour of the sky. For one reason or another I really lost my spark for a week or so and the girls seemed out of sorts too. I think we were all just a bit tired, a bit burnt out and ready for a break as we counted the days until half term. Then there was the tragedy in Manchester which has affected the entire country in so many ways. I seem to feel these things so much more as a parent and I cried as I watched Miss Boo dance around her maypole on the day that others were coming to terms with loosing their loved ones in such a horrific way. Since then May has seen me hold my babies and my husband closer, drink them in, listen better, love them more (if that was even possible) and feel eternally grateful for them

We have spent the whole last week of May as a five in beautiful Somerset, a holiday we booked six months ago when I returned to work and one we have so been looking forward to. You would think that with all this family time we would have had plenty of opportunity to photograph our Me and Mine Project this month... We have made several attempts with several fails and so settled today for one that's slightly blurry, one that I had to crop because the girls all had their pants showing, plenty of grumpy faces and a silly selfie! As much as i'd love to produce a picture perfect set of photos each month this is our reality, it's kind of chaotic in a brilliant and sometimes challenging way and these are the days i'll remember when I am old and when they are grown, the ones we spent together. These photos are my kind of happy and my kind of perfect, because the people in them are mine of sorts, my tribe, my little loves, my everything and they'll have to do for this month!

Me x

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