8 June 2017

A Family Day Out At The Eden Project

The Eden Project in Cornwall has been on our to visit list for a while now so we were absolutely delighted to spend a day there. We love nothing more that being outside exploring together and it's really important to me that the girls learn about the environment and the world that they live in. I don't think you can find a better place for this than The Eden Project making it a must visit place for families. From the moment you arrive there is so much to discover and it's strikingly beautiful. The first glimpse of the Biomes (or bubbles as the girls called them) as you enter are quite spectacular.

family day out at the eden project
The little ladies enjoying the view of the iconic Eden Project Biomes

The Eden Project is so geared up for little explorers and super family friendly, from special viewing portholes, pushchair friendly paths and a multitude of activities to stimulate little minds it has everything you need for a great day out. The girls raced down the pathways to get to the Biomes, stopping to check their maps or to take one of the child friendly 'shortcuts'. They were amazed at the sheer scale of everything. There is literally something to look at every way you turn and everywhere you look.

family day out at the eden project
Peeping through the child friendly view finders

The first thing the girls wanted to see was this beautiful bee sculpture, set amongst stunning, linear planting. The landscape in which The Eden Project is set is just so interesting and inviting, I lost count of the times the girls ran towards something saying 'wow, mummy, daddy, look at this!'

family day out at the eden project
One of the girl's favourite features

As an adult The Eden Project is incredible but seeing it through your children's eyes is even more fascinating. They seem more attuned to the world around them and to notice so much more, like a  bee collecting pollen which Miss Dot pointed to and said 'Bee, Mama." Our visit opened up so many conversations and we had to provide lots of answers to "why?" and "what's that?" questions.

family day out at the eden project
A beautiful spot for wildlife to flourish

The only thing I wasn't sure how to answer was the question as to why this spade was so big and who was digging with it!

family day out at the eden project
There are so many fun things for children to discover in this giant garden

The girls couldn't wait to get inside the rainforest Biome and it didn't disappoint, it was a multi sensory, educational and incredibly beautiful experience. The girls used leaves that they found to make prints in the sand, pretended to be Moana in the Malaysian hut and ran through clouds as we made our way through the Biome.

family day out at the eden project
Making leaf prints inside the Rainforest Biome

There were so varieties of plants in all different, colours, shapes and sizes and so many we hadn't ever seen before and that we all marvelled at. The micro climate that has been created inside the Biome is amazing, warm and humid and so lush with vegetation that for a minute you forget that you are in an exhibit and have been transported to an actual rainforest.

family day out at the eden project
Nature is so incredible, this was just one of the thousands of beautiful plants we saw

Miss Tib's is a collector and picks up anything she can find on the floor on our adventures, she often comes home with piles of leaves, sticks, shells and stones and any other treasures she can find. It was hard to convince her to put this giant leaf down that had fallen from the canopy!

family day out at the eden project
Miss Tibs and her leaf

They girls were amazed when I explained that the display below was our planet and where we live, a conversation we hadn't had before but such an important one as it really is their world and it's future and conservation is in their hands.

family day out at the eden project
Learning about their world and climate

The scale of everything is huge; I can only imagine what it must have felt like to the girls looking up at the waterfall. They loved the cooling spray on their faces, particularly as it was very warm inside the Biome.

family day out at the eden project
Captivated by the waterfall

The Mediterranean Biome was just as interesting and with so much colour and it really transported me to holidays we have had in Italy and Greece. In the centre of this Biome is a lovely looking restaurant called the Med Terrace that serves lunch and dinner giving that sense of alfresco summer dining. I wish we had booked a spot for tea here in advance as the menu looked fantastic, but it was unsurprisingly fully booked. We caught one of the interactive story telling sessions which really engaged the children and was a welcome opportunity to sit down for half an hour.

family day out at the eden project
Transported to the Mediterranean with these stunning Geraniums

There is so much to explore at The Eden Project, it really is a full day out with so much to see. One of the ways to see some of the site is a ride on the land train which as you can imagine if you have children the little ladies adored. Pulled by a tractor the land train makes its way to and from the visitor centre. It's under cover so great if it's particularly hot or raining when you visit.

family day out at the eden project
The land train was such an adventure

With the Biomes being under cover too you can visit the Eden Project all year round and not just in fair weather, although on a sunny day, as it was when we visited, it was particularly lovely. The Core building has lots inside to discover too including 'The Seed' sculpture, a small under 5's soft play area and lots of interactive educational exhibits. There was a face painting stall there when we visited which added a lovely element to the children's day.

family day out at the eden project
Miss Boo's Eden Facepaint

The Eden project really is a brilliant family day out which we all got lots out of and we highly recommend it if you are visiting Cornwall or the surrounding area anytime soon. We'll definitely be going back as we loved it so much.

Me x

* We were kindly gifted entry into The Eden Project in exchange for an honest review.
All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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